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How To Visualize Your Goal

Dear Friend,

Had a lot of questions after sending out the email entitled, 'How Many Goals Should You Visualize at Once?'

This one comes from Brad. Let's take a look:
Hello Matt,

Crucial Question...when I am visualizing my goal and I am in the theatre of the mind:

1) Should I be watching myself in the scene (from outside myself) as a 3rd person onlooker or should I be visualizing as if looking through my own eyes? This one has stumped me for a long time....

2) Does the entire visualization sequence have to be one long movie or can I do the 'movie trailer' method and cut from one scene to another. The second method evokes more emotion for me?

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

M.F.: Brad, to answer question number one, when you visualize your goal, you can do so both ways that you described. The 3rd person method is more of the 'observer' method - wherein you are watching yourself watching yourself. I do think, however, that you'll get more value out of simply watching yourself through 'your own eyes.' Bear in mind that the 'observer' is always watching anyway, so even when looking through your own eyes, you can still be conscious of yourself and what you're doing.

Re. question number two, again, both ways are okay. But - here's the kicker: Emotion is the stick you should measure yourself by. In Dr. Maltz' teachings he repeatedly stressed the importance that feeling strong positive emotion plays in making your visualization more effective. Because you have said that the second method 'evokes more emotion' - then the choice is easy. Use that one. Good luck.

Best of Success to You!

P.S.: For more on the power of imagination mixed with emotion, go here.

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