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Eyes Wide Open Visualization

Dear Friend,

When most people visualize, they sit back, relax. close their eyes and begin imagining what they want to achieve. This, no doubt, is a must-learn skill. That's why we have the 'theatre of the mind' exercise all throughout the training in Zero Resistance Living.

But once you are able to 'relax' on command, and once you are able to really FEEL yourself in your future reality - it's helpful to be able to visualize with your eyes wide open.

Think of the athlete who is out on the court or on the field.

Suppose he's in a position to score the winning point in a basketball game - or kick the winning field goal. Being able to mentally tune everything and everyone else out while focusing on doing what it takes to win the game ... that's the hallmark of the supreme.

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

It takes a ton of concentration to have your mind so deeply centered that you can filter out 60,000 screaming fans. In situations like this, there's no time for sitting in a chair to visualize. You've got to be able to do it NOW - with eyes wide open.

For the non-athlete, this skill is necessary as well. Think of a situation in which you feel fear, nervousness, guilt or worry.

Do you have the skills to 'nuke' those emotions, on the spot, without closing your eyes to visualize? If not, think how much further ahead you would be if you did.

Yes, it's important to be equally skilled in both closed and open-eye visualization.


P.S.: Your mind is like a computer monitor. Don't like the picture, then surf to another site. Learn how in the Zero Resistance Living program available here.

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