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and How to Get It

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trump 1 n 1. in card games, a card from a suit declared to be higher in value than any other suit, or the suit itself. Also called trump card 2. a highly valuable resource or advantage, especially one held in reserve for future use. Also called trump card 3. an admirable or reliable person (informal)

vt 1. in card games, to beat an opponent or an opponent's card by playing a trump 2. to defeat or outdo a competitor by bringing a valuable resource or advantage into play - Source: Encarta® World English Dictionary
Right now at this very moment you are holding what I like to call a TRUMP CARD. But it's not a card used to play poker. Instead, it's a card you have inside your own mind that holds the key to ALL your past and future successes. Chances are excellent, however, that you have never put your finger (or your eyeballs) directly on this card. You've never had it pointed out to you - so you don't even know where it is. As a result, you may be successful in one area of your life, but unable to duplicate it in other areas - and you don't understand why.

All that is going to change for you very soon. I'm going to show you where your very own TRUMP CARD is - and once you've seen it - you'll understand exactly what it's going to take to win in the other areas of your life.

Incidentally, the TRUMP CARD has nothing to do with "The Donald." I'm certain he's never heard the "art of success" defined the way I'm going to explain it to you. But I do believe he and other high achievers are using this card - either consciously or unconsciously. Even though they never had success explained to them exactly the same way I am going to lay it out for you.

Now, before I tell you how you can get your very own copy of my complete special report on the TRUMP CARD - let me begin by laying MY cards on the table. Who am I? And why am I uniquely qualified to write on this topic called success?

Good questions.

Why I'm Uniquely Qualified to Teach You About Success

1. Physical - When I began my athletic career I was not very talented. I was certainly NOT gifted. Yet, through the method I'm laying out for you in this report, I became a champion swimmer; a national champion college wrestler; a member of three NCAA championship teams at the University of Iowa; and 12 years after retiring from the sport of wrestling I won a world kung fu championship in Beijing, China, beating the Chinese in their own game - something no foreigner had ever done before.

2. Financial - I am a modern day rags-to-riches story. Many years ago I was drowning in debt. I had many dreams and goals - all of which required money to achieve - and I was getting nowhere. After I learned to use the TRUMP CARD in the areas of my career and my finances, I went from rags to multi-millionaire status.

3. Business - I have created several thriving businesses and helped others do likewise even though when I first began I had no clue about the most elementary things. For example, in 1987, when I began my first business as a personal fitness trainer, I honestly did NOT know the difference between commercial and retail business space.

4. Copywriting - I am considered by many to be the world's greatest email copywriter. In years past I used to spend eight hours slaving over a single 800-word email or a column for a magazine. Today, whether it's an email or a column, I am able to write the piece, almost without correction, in less than twenty minutes.

5. Best-selling Author - I am the author of an international best-seller, Combat Conditioning, as well as the creator of dozens of other books, DVDs, CDs and courses. I knew nothing about how to write a book or create a course, DVD, and so on, before I got involved doing so.

6. Speaking - Many people consider me to be a sensational speaker. I hold sold-out seminars each year and have promoted them solely by email - with zero cost involved. My audiences are often held spell bound for hours at a time with no props, no visual aides and no breaks. When I began speaking, I couldn't hold an audience's attention for more than a few seconds.

7. Sales & Marketing - Once again, many people think of me as a Master Salesman, mostly due to the fact that I am able to sell with great skill in many arenas; belly-to-belly, on stage; in writing or via the telephone. I have sold as much as $250,000.00 worth of product over the Internet in a single day. I have sold well over one million dollars from the stage at a single seminar. I also created the most expensive business coaching program ever heard of, wherein clients paid me $120,000.00 to be a member of an International Multi-Millionaire MasterMind for one year. In spite of this, I still fondly recall not having a clue as to how to sell anything when I went into business in 1987.

8. Entrepreneurial and Success Coaching - I have advised people on to how to start and succeed in business; have also helped create, advise and consult with companies in the 10, 20 and 100 million dollar per year range.

9. Marriage/Family/Relationships - At 30 years of age, despite the wishes of my family, I flew to China and married a young woman who could speak no English. I, myself, had to learn Chinese before making the trip so we could communicate. Today, Zhannie and I have two wonderful children. We live in China half the year - own a home and conduct business from there. At what many considered "old age" for learning a new language - I learned and became fluent in the spoken Chinese language. I am able to weave in and out of two vastly different cultures, able to blend and harmonize many divergent views and relate to virtually anyone from child to adult to the elderly.

10. Despite growing up with many negative beliefs about money, business, success and so on - I was able to rise above them and create my dream life.

11. Along with Zhannie, each year we donate money to poor villages in China to have elementary schools built. We are currently building our third school on Hainan Island.

In addition to everything stated above, it's also important to note that I have:

Over 25 years experience as a coach and trainer.

• Over 30 years studying the most successful men and women and what helped make them great.

Had many truly successful coaches and mentors, in more fields, than anyone I know: the short list includes Dan Gable - Olympic champion; J Robinson - NCAA Champion Coach; Bruce Baumgartner - 2x Olympic Champion; Mike DeAnna - 4x All-American, Coach of the Year; Dan Kennedy - Marketing and Copywriting Genius; numerous kung fu, tai chi and chi kung masters - and so on.

• I don't just teach success or sell success. I LIVE IT and NEVER REST ON MY LAURELS.

The Secret I Learned 10 Years Ago After Coming Home From China With a Gold Medal

Okay, with all of the above out of the way, wouldn't you like to KNOW what SECRET KNOWLEDGE I possess that allows me to create success in virtually everything I do? And wouldn't you like to know how you can use this secret, too.

Well, listen to this:

10 Years ago when I came back from China with a gold medal in kung fu, I was not financially successful, did not have a booming business, was not a best-selling author, did not own a home, did not have a vacation home in China. In fact, we were more than $50,000.00 in debt.

But there was a secret that came to me one fine afternoon and it changed my life forever.

You may think you already know what it is. You may think it's the Law of Attraction.


You may think its Goals.

It is not.

You may think it's affirmations or visualization or hypnosis, or fire walking or some other mind power tool.

Wrong again.

What I discovered is NONE of the above.

I'm be happy to send you the confidential report (The TRUMP CARD) wherein I'll reveal my SECRET to you - but only under two conditions:

1. You are one of the first 500 people who register for me to send you the report! Thousands already sent in requests for it - far more than we initially estimated. And so, for now we want to test the waters by sending out only 500 reports absolutely FREE. If you JUMP on this offer NOW you'll be part of an elite group who receive the TRUMP CARD loooong before anyone else.

2. You agree to a FREE 1-month test-drive of the Super Human Success Group visualization program. If you're not completely thrilled with what you receive in your first newsletter and visualization CD, just let us know and you won't be charged anything at the end of your one-month trial period.

SAY "YES" NOW and I'll not only send you this month's Super Human Success package FREE - a $39.95 value - I'll also send you 3 more FREE GIFTS:

Free Gift #1 - *Money is a Seed - listen to this CD one time and your thinking about money, prosperity, abundance, wealth and so on will be changed forever. In this CD I reveal the ancient secret that helps you magnetize money fast. Before my wife and I began following the advice I lay out for you here, we never had any money. After following it, well ... you know. If I were to put this CD on the market, I would easily says it's worth $69.00 - but it's yours free just for saying, "Okay, I'll try it."

Free Gift #2 - My Journey - an Interview With Lee Milteer - in this CD best-selling author Lee Milteer gets me to spill my guts like never before. In one 60-minute interview I dump so many successful ideas into your mind that your head will literally run in circles. In circles that lead to SUCCESS. By listening to this one CD repeatedly, you'll be motivated like never before to stop procrastinating and make something sensational happen in your life. Value of this CD - $49.95

Free Gift #3 - Swimming in Money Scroll - While most people talk of drowning in debt, being buried in bills - I have a different view. In this super success scroll, which you'll want to frame and put in a place where you can review it daily, I teach you how to program abundance into your mind so deeply that you'll begin thinking all the right thoughts and doing all the right things that will make good things a natural part of your life - just like breathing. Value of this scroll - PRICELESS!

SAY "YES" NOW and you'll need a satellite to view how far your life has come.

I wouldn't be making this offer to you if I didn't wholeheartedly believe what I have will change your life for the better. There are hundreds of self-development programs on the market - but none of them are championed by someone who has known success in so many areas. I don't just write about success. I don't just teach it. I LIVE IT!

With your permission I'd like to begin passing my experience and knowledge onto you. Allow me to send you the Super Human Success Package I've outlined for you above.

Again, everything listed above is FREE. All you need to cover is a miniscule S&H charge because we will be sending these out all over the world. Anytime during or after the free 1-month test drive, if you decide you don't want to continue with the program, simply contact us and we'll make sure you're no longer billed. In fact, if you're really unhappy with the package we mail you - we'll even refund your S&H charge. Now what could be fairer than that?

Otherwise, in order to make sure your service goes uninterrupted, we'll send the new Super Human Success Package to you each month. If at any time you decide you no longer want the program, we respect that and will cancel and/or refund you - whichever you prefer.

With all that out of the way - let's get started on the HIGH ROAD to SUCCESS.

Matt Furey

P.S. The TRUMP CARD is a confidential report you're going to want to read again and again. Let me know how much you like it after you receive it.

Product Price  
The TRUMP CARD plus Super Human Success Package FREE Confidential report and the FREE gifts (plus S&H) - (Note: After 30 days, membership in the Super Human Success Group is automatically billed at the same monthly rate every 30 days. Please notify us if you wish to discontinue this service after your test-drive. You are welcome to cancel at any time, no questions asked.) $198.95 FREE

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