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The Trick to Money is...

Dear Friend,

There's a book by Stuart Wilde called, 'The Trick to Money is Having Some.' Great title. Has some useful ideas, too.

But I disagree with the title in one sense. The Trick to Money cannot be 'having some' is you don't have any. So let me give you an example of how I look at it.

Earlier this week I had a group in town for some live coaching. Naturally, at times the focus of the conversation shifted toward the subject of money. One person, a multi- millionaire, talked about the days in which he slept on the stairwells in apartment buildings. He not only lacked a 'home,' but making matters worse, he was living in a foreign country. The situation was so bleak it helped him move in the other direction.

'Whenever I see myself slipping,' the man said, 'all I need to do is recall the image of how much pain I felt sleeping on the stairwell with nothing to eat and no money, and I know what direction to move.'

'Let me ask you a question,' I said. 'Would you say that having that experience was the BEST thing that ever happened to you?'

'Oh, yeah,' he replied without hesitating. 'Without a doubt.'

'Funny, isn't it,' I said. 'The only difference between making a thousand dollars a month and ten thousand is in your mind. And the only difference between ten thousand a month and one hundred thousand is also in your mind. It's pure imagination.'

'How it it simply a matter of your imagination?' someone asked.

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

Good question,' I said. 'Let me explain it this way: The reason why most people can't imagine making ten thousand or a hundred thousand a month is because they've NEVER imagined making that amount in a month.'

'Never thought of it that way. That's good,' he said.

Emerson wrote, 'Do the thing and you will have the power.'

How true. I would actually go a step further though and say, 'Do the imagination thing and you will have the power.'


P.S. All of Dr. Maltz' teachings are centered around the proper use of your creative imagination. For the most advanced teachings on the subject go here.

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