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Positive Thinking PLUS Positive Doing

Dear Friend,

This past summer I coached a 14-year old girls AAU basketball team. The team faced a lot of adversity during the season. Although there were 13 players on the team, only six were really committed to making themselves better.

Of the committed six, five had good experience, and the sixth had nearly no experience, but a big desire to learn and play. She made a lot of mistakes, but never gave less than 100%. There were games that she didn't play at all, but she was always positive.

In late July, we went to the big tournament at Penn State. Only the committed six went. It is extremely hard to play six games in three days with only six players. Especially when one is inexperienced. Upon arriving I discovered that we had been slotted in the 17 and Under Division. Not only did I have only 6 players, but we were going to be playing up three age groups. I told the girls the situation, and to my delight, they said "it didn't matter" who they played.

About seven minutes into the game, one of our starters got knocked on her can, and had to come out. I put in my sixth girl, and hoped for the best.

An amazing thing happened. She started playing at a much higher level.

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

In the second half she was a dynamo, and when it was over all her teammates were congratulating her. The smile on her face was huge.

Before the next game, I called her over and asked what made the difference in her play. She said, "I've been playing in my head for weeks now. I imagined how things would go. I imagined being good, and I imagined making shots, and playing defense. And today I knew I could play. I didn't even have to think about it, I already knew what to do. I just did it."

Her teammates were so proud of her they asked me to put her in the starting lineup. I did.

The most important point of this story is that visualization must turn into action. Don't just spend time thinking about doing something. Jump in and do it. Even if you make a mistake - if you keep moving toward your goal, you'll hit it in the zig-zag fashion that Dr. Maltz pointed out so well.


Sean Furey

P.S. Thinking and doing are two sides of the same coin. For more info on Zero Resistance Living here.

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