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How to Picture The People You Don't Like

Dear Friend,

I have a colleague at work who is extremely negative. Every day brings a new set of woe and tragedy. In the past it was very hard to not be influenced by him because he's around me a good part of every day.

Some time ago, after talking to this negative person, I realized that I had subconsciously allowed him to influence my feelings about a potential client. Some of his negativity rubbed off on me, even though I didn't think he had any effect on me whatsoever.

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

At that very instant I decided I had to change my mental picture of my coworker. I programmed my mind to see his influence over me as distant or far away. I then turned his loud voice into a very weak one. And the result was immediate. He had no more influence over me.

Today, even though I may hear him, my mind has tuned him out. In fact, his voice is along way off, and getting weaker by the day.

Taking charge of your mental pictures is easy to do when you understand that "you're in charge."


Sean Furey

P.S.: To learn how you can take the reins of power in your own mind and direct them toward the accomplishment of any goal - go here.

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