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Neanderthal Mind Methods

Dear Friend,

If you follow professional football there is a very interesting story unfolding out in San Diego. Marty Schottenheimer, who is considered an "old school" coach, has the hapless Chargers getting to the playoffs.

Marty has been coaching a good long time. By my recollection, in Kansas City, Washington, and Cleveland, before going to San Diego.

Marty doesn't live in the present.

He has rules for everything.

Players don't like a lot of Marty's rules. When he was in Washington, trying to turn around a pathetic Redskin team, the players complained on TV, in the newspaper, on radio ... to anybody who would listen.

Of course, the media listened to the players.

They listened in spite of the fact they had not had a winning season in years. The team started 0-7 and it was all Marty's fault. They finished 8-8, which is pretty remarkable.

But Marty got fired, and ended up in San Diego.

Now if the Redskins were a bad team, the Chargers gave them hope.

The Chargers were probably the worst team in football. Cincinnati and Arizona fans may disagree, but if you combined all three teams the talent pool would have been small.

The first two seasons in San Diego didn't go all that well. There were all the usual complaints and media blubbering.

Season number three started with Marty on the hot seat, with Marty being the coach most likely to be fired.

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

And then all of a sudden ... the Chargers are 10-3 and headed toward the Playoffs. The most likely coach to be fired is now a top the list for "Coach Of the Year."

B.C. Forbes, the founder of Forbes Magazine said, "It is when things go hardest, when life becomes most trying, that there is the GREATEST NEED for having a fixed goal."

The Old Neanderthal always had a goal. He didn't always make it to the top of the mountain. But he's never stopped trying, and he's making another run at it.

And thru it all he has remained old school, believing in discipline, hard work, and leaving it all on the field.

Dr Maltz passionately believed in setting goals. They help you remain focused through whatever adversity life may throw at you. The old turtle bested the rabbit because he just kept pushing along toward the finish line.

Keep that in mind when times get tough. You will succeed if you remain focused on an objective and refuse to believe in failure. And Zero Resistance Living will show you exactly how to do that.


Sean Furey

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