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Automatic Success

Today's headline is not what you think because success, at first, is NOT automatic. But it IS after awhile. Let me explain.

Right now you have many skills that you rarely, if ever, consider. You know how to talk, type, surf the Internet, walk, read, eat, put on clothes, bathe, and so on.

All of these skills are automatic for you right now.

But at one time they were a struggle. Learning to speak your first word may have taken you a year. Learning to walk, about the same amount of time.

When you learned to walk you fell repeatedly. Yet, you got back up each time you fell down - until you mastered walking and it became automatic.

Think about driving for a moment. Today, you can probably drive a car and carry on a conversation at the same time. Yet, at one time, when you drove, you had to stay fully conscious of every move you made ... or else ....

Once the skill you've learned is implanted in your subconscious, it takes over and you don't have to think about it. It's automatic.

Well, how you see yourself, your self-image, is also automatic.

Over a period of years, you were told things about yourself that you accepted as fact. Yet, they are not. They are merely an opinion that you think of as true.

I once knew a guy in college that I thought was the stupidest guy in town. And he had the grades to prove it. Today he's a Ph.D.

What was the difference?

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He changed his self-image. He stopped seeing himself as stupid. He pictured the subjects he easily understood and enjoyed, then he transferred the positive emotional energy he felt to the other subjects he wanted to learn - and it worked like magic.

A few weeks ago I started working with Chinese bao ding balls. I put two in each palm and while I walked I moved them in a circular fashion, using nothing but my fingers and a fair amount of concentration.

Once I got fairly decent with two in one hand, I watched a DVD of a man in China using five in one hand for some exercises - but usually three. He went through an entire chi kung routine, holding various stances, and his hands never stopped moving the bao ding balls.

This made me think: Okay, why don't I try three in one hand?

When I tried to maneuver three balls in one hand, I kept dropping one of them. Each time I dropped the ball I said to myself, "Pick it up and do it again. You can learn this."

Eventually I stopped dropping the ball. I could move all three balls at once.

When I got even better with three balls an automatic habit formed. I noticed that I was walking, juggling and thinking about something else, all at the same time.

The skill I was struggling with was now easy. I now understoond once again, automatic success.

The same can be said of your mind when you give it a new image to ponder. At first it may seem odd, after all, you're used to thinking differently about yourself. But in a relatively short period of time YOU begin to change on the inside as well as on the outside.

And the NEW YOU in your imagination becomes automatic in the real world.

Matt Furey

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When I signed up for your daily inspirations I was in a state of dismay with my sales numbers floundering near zero consistently. Just by receiving your insights and implementing some of your ideas I have more that quadrupled my sales numbers over the past month alone."

Joe Schramer

"These daily emails are really great... very motivating and he reminds us that we can do things in just a few minutes or even seconds... makes it doable. Excellent."

Joanne Masters

I would like to thank you for providing Psycho-Cybernetics Zero Resistance Living course. A while ago I order the course only to put it on the shelf after trying it for a few weeks and let it gather dust. Then your newsletters started to appear with more of an emphasis on the course and tips. I asked myself why didn't I finish. Well I had a mental belief that I never finish self-improvement course I order. No matter how hard I tried to do the course with will power it would end up on the shelf just like all the rest. Well I started changing that belief by going into my theater and seeing myself consistently doing the course. After doing this for a while it has almost become an automatic response like walking to study the course. I have started to visualize myself in all aspects of my life for about 15 mins in the morning when I wake up and and 15 mins before going to bed. To my surprise results are coming rather faster than ever expected. Once I hold a vision and make it clear and focused it becomes a habit. I find myself doing things automatically that I normally wouldn't do after the will power wore off."

Brian Alcorn

First of all THANK YOU! Thank you for making this information available. I have purchased the book, the cybernetics course as well as the magnetic millionaire course. They are all awesome! Case in point, we beat our best month in gross revenue by 30% last month. We were averaging $20K per month and we jumped to $30K. I am very thankful for that. There are many school owners who would kill to be at $30K!

"Oh and by the way, that is by being a little bit of a flunky. Although I have read the book and had the course for a while, I have only gotten through 3 weeks of it. Imagine where I will be after 12. Thanks again.

"Wishing you continued success! Keep it up!"

Dan Stryker
Stryker Martial Arts

"I love this psycho cybernetics stuff. I am having more fun in life, getting more done. I am even becoming efficient: I realized yesterday that'lI daydream all day" is nothing but a self-image idea. I cancelled it and have been remarkably efficient so far. It is a whole new self and I like it."

Esther Cook

I wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks. I received the ZRL course about a week ago, and your daily emails really help to tie things together. You provide real life examples for the techniques Dr. Maltz teaches us. I thought you should know that we (your clients - if I may speak for others as well) do appreciate your emails even though we have already bought the course.
Keep up the great work!

Jeremy Fleming

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