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How Much of Success is Mental?

Dear Friend,

We often hear athletes speak of success in their field as being 90% mental.

From my vast experience at the championship level in sports as varied as swimming and wrestling, and from my experience of being a world champion martial artist, I can vouch for the validity of this statement.

Without a doubt technique practice plays a role - as does the proverbial blood, sweat and tears, but I can tell you that the purpose of the 'preparation' that goes into a contest is mostly so that you are 'mentally focused' and sharp during the contest.

One of the amazing things I learned though about success in sports like wrestling and the style of kung fu I practiced is this: When I combined the physical activity of training with the success imagery I learned from Dr. Maxwell Maltz, my results improved almost instantly. Funny thing is I felt like I was doing LESS work, not more. The titles and trophies that used to go to the other guy were suddenly mine.

And the only change I made is in how I pictured myself as I trained. I combined the physical with the mental.

When I ran hills I pictured myself being a world champion. When I practiced technique on my own or with a partner, I imagined my moves giving me victory. I even pictured seeing my name in the headlines of the newspaper - or being interviewed on t.v. And I did all this visualization while I trained. I did not sit down and relax to go into the theatre of my mind. I lived and practiced and trained in the 'theatre of my mind.'

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

This approach to mental training is so powerful that I recommend it to everyone, regardless of the endeavor. If you want to lose weight, picture the person you want to be while you train. If you want to make more money in selling, picture yourself doing so as you do your paperwork or make a call.

This technique works like magic.

Naturally, it's good to be grounded in exactly how to picture, imagine and feel yourself becoming what you want. That's why you really do need to learn all the Psycho-Cybernetics techniques taught in Dr. Maltz advanced course, Zero Resistance Living.

Armed with the Dr. Maltz tactics, you'll find success coming to you with far greater ease than you can currently understand.

Go here and get the course today.


P.S.: As a businessman today I have used the exact type of mental imagery that I used for success in sports and martial arts. And the results I have attained speak for themselves. You can do likewise when you go here.

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