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Go Boldly Where You've Never Been Before

Dear Friend,

I used to have a guy working for me who asked a lot of questions.

If you have run a lot of meetings, like I have, there is always a point when you want to wrap it up. That's when you say, "If there are no more questions, we'll move on."

But this is when he would start in with the endless questions.

If they were good questions it wouldn't have been so irritating, but it was always a variation of somebody else's question, one we already covered.

And then he wanted to know about small details.

I humored him for a long time before he really started to get under my skin. I just hate any meeting that is longer than 45 minutes. It isn't ADD, it's just that the longer someone yammers - the less Interested I am in what he has to say. There are exceptions to this rule, but generally speaking, it's a good one.)

Well, one day I had a "hot" project dumped in my lap. It was a headache I really didn't need at the time, and I wanted it completed as soon as possible, so I could get back to more important things.

I scheduled a 30 minute meeting, laid out the plan, and left no room for discussion. Or so I thought.

Just as I am wrapping up, Mr. Questions wanted to know why our department had to do it when it really belonged across the hall ... and when were we supposed to do our regular stuff ... and who was going to be in charge, and yada yada yada

I had no time to waste so I said, "Mark, you are in charge of the project. You will have it on my desk by noon on Thursday."

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

"But I.....?"

"Have questions? Well, find some answers! You are in charge! Thursday. 1200. No ifs, ands, or buts!"

He was still sputtering when I left.

That afternoon he sent me 6 emails. I deleted all of them, unread.

I sent him one. (Project due Thursday 1200).

I didn't hear from him on Tuesday.

Or Wednesday.

I was late getting in on Thursday, and when I arrived there was a folder in the middle of my desk. I opened it and read the report. It was a good report, even better than good. I dropped it off to the VP, and went back to my office. He called later on and thanked me, and I told him to call Mark, and explained that I assigned it to him, and didn't do anything except read it and walk it down the hall.

I saw Mark in the late afternoon. He was all smiles.

"I wrote a whole list of questions Monday, but when I finished I realized I had wasted the entire day. So Tuesday I just said this is what I'm going to do, and I did it. I didn't ask myself whether it was right or wrong, I just wrote what I thought."

"Well, the Veep liked it," I said. "And you learned how to be more productive." Dr. Maltz believed that if you can dream it, you can do it. We can, l ike the Starship Enterprise, go boldly where we have never gone before. Genius, power, and magic are contained in boldness.

And those who follow the teachings of Dr. Maltz in Zero Resistance Living know what I'm talking about.


Sean Furey

P.S. Go here and get it done. No questions asked.

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