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The Genius Within

by Matt Furey

My son Frank is three years old.

This morning when I was driving him to school, I thought about the vast difference between his early years and mine. Unlike myself, he is starting out with a healthy dose of Psycho-Cybernetics principles.

For example, Frank is already fluent in three Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Shanghainese and Sichuanese) as well as English. And let me tell you, the three Chinese dialects that Frank speaks should be called languages.

Amazing thing about China is that there are over 100 different dialects, yet the written language is the same no matter what the spoken word sounds like. That's why, when Chinese watch movies in "Chinese," the characters are still run along the bottom of the screen as sub-titles. Even the Chinese don't know what they're hearing without a written translation.

When my wife first came to the U.S., I took her to Chinatown in San Francisco to go shopping. In many of the stores she had to write down what she wanted on a slip of paper because the store owner only spoke Cantonese - which has eight tones instead of the four found in Mandarin.

Briefly, to illustrate what I'm talking about, in Mandarin Chinese you ask how someone is doing by saying, "Ni zhue de zemne yang?" In Hainanese, however, the same question would sound like, "Do dou me lei?" In Shanghainese, the same meaning might be communicated with, "Nong ning wei hao ve hao?"

Strange, isn't it? And although I can make myself understood in Mandarin and can move about freely in China via the spoken word - my son blows the doors off my mind. He can literally carry on conversations with my wife, her mother, her father and me - all at the same time, instantly weaving into and out of four vastly different verbal communication models.

Why is he able to do this? Number one, he doesn't know he can't. Number two, he has parents who think it's normal and natural for him to do so. In fact, we believe if he had 10 languages around him all the time, he'd have all ten down by now. After one week of school he's already singing bits and phrases of Spanish songs.

Children are linguistic geniuses. They absorb everything and do so without effort or struggle - the same way Dr. Maxwell Maltz said that we, as adults are to move forward, if we simply take the time and learn how it is done. Trouble is we've forgotten - but the good news is we can relearn.

Now, contrast Frank's life, not with my own, but with a Chinese-American girl living in the United States who is a year older than he is. Although the girl's mother is from Hong Kong and can speak Cantonese as well as Mandarin, the young four-year old can only speak English. Her mother doesn't speak Chinese to her at home.

And do you know why? She doesn't speak to her daughter in Chinese because ...."I don't want my daughter to get confused."

Oh my.

It's not so bad that the child is being held back - it's that the mother is ignorant of the genius residing in all children.

The good news, though, is this: When the four-year old girl is older, somewhere along the line, she will be faced with a choice to continue to hold herself back - or to make the choice to become much more than her mother ever thought she could become.

Sure, it helps when you enter life with certain advantages. But the future is always up for grabs - and no one, not even parents who are ignorant of the potential of their own child, can hold back a determined soul forever.

[The key to effortless child-like change is contained in the Zero Resistance Living System. Be sure to check it out here.]

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