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Two Ways to Direct Your Mind

Dear Friend,

There are two ways to use your mind when you want to achieve an objective. The first way is to simply decide upon a specific goal - then focus on it. Once you have your goal in mind, you can focus on it by doing the 'Theatre of the Mind' exercise. You can also write out your goal on 3x5 cards and place it around your home and office ... and so on.

But what if you aren't able to quickly and easily determine what your goal is? What to do then?

Dr. Maxwell Maltz understood that your mind is like a 'homing' device. It literally directs you to the people, places and situations that harmonize with what you picture in your mind most of the time. He also understood that your mind is also like a giant search engine. When you have a goal, it searches for ways to bring your goal to you.

But if you don't have a goal and want to have one, then your goal is to 'figure out what your goal is.' Additionally, if your goal is to find an answer to a question - then once again, that's all the information your mind needs to start working.

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

Dan Kennedy often talks about how he programs his mind before bed to come up with the exact words he needs for a copywriting assignment. Has it worked for him? Well, let's put it this way. Each week he writes the equivalent of two 200-page books. And he's done this for years.

Napoleon Hill also talks about using your subconscious while you sleep (your sub-conscious never does) to come up with ideas, plans and solutions. Once again, did it work for him? I certainly think so.

When your mind knows you're searching for something, it helps you. It may be a specific goal. Then again, it may be a specific 'question.'

Want to speed up the process on how you get results? Then start asking great questions before bed each night.

I'm betting you'll be amazed at what comes to you while you sleep. Or as soon as you awaken. That's why it's a good idea to have a pen and notepad on your nightstand.

All the best,

P.S.: Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on these daily tips. I really appreciate it. If you'd like to contribute a short article or story as part of these daily messages, send inquiry to

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