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"Neg Busters"

Let me help you remove the negativity from your life and replace it with positive energy that'll get you into FLOW and help you achieve your goals!

GOLD VIP Neg Busters

____ Yes Matt, I want to be a member of your GOLD VIP Neg Busters program, which I understand will put me on the "cutting edge" of success training, and will accelerate my ability to create results in all areas of my life.

I understand I'll have a private call each month with you and/or Betsy, to go over where I am and discover what I can do to keep my life FLOWING in the direction of what truly matters to me. During this call, if there are any "negatives" operating in my life, you will help me clear them. Additionally, depending on what I need in each session, I will get assistance in one or more of the following:
guidance in setting clear objectives and goals that are in alignment with my skills, abilities and unique talents

• help with de-hypnotizing myself of false, limiting or negative beliefs or ideas that are holding me back

assistance in Theatre of the Mind techniques that will empower me to go after as well as attract what I want into my life

• future forecasting - getting clarity on the best choices for me to make

info-publishing/writing advice - get advice on how you can write better or get into the FLOW with your creative projects
In addition to the above, I'm also excited about learning the following from you (when applicable):
how to put protective energy around myself so that negative people can no longer bother me or derail me

• how to tap into the creative and intuitive part of myself that I may even think doesn't exist

how to stay relaxed and calm under pressure

• how to improve my self-image so I can WIN at whatever I do

how to make good decisions in regard to my business, career, partnerships and so on.

• and much, much more.
Having someone who will not only mentor me, but will also help me keep my energy positive is HUGE. A coaching program like this has never been offered before by anyone.

That's why I'm prepared to jump on this offer NOW. Normally the fee for this type of service would be $1,000.00 per month - or more. But today, I may enroll for only $495.00 a month.

Also, as part of this program, I understand that no one is going to criticize or condemn my current religious or spiritual beliefs. We work with all religions compatibly, unless you're practicing something from the "dark side" - in which case, we do NOT want you as a client.

Like all your coaching programs, I understand the information I will be taught in this program is not for me to run off and indiscriminately teach to anyone or everyone who comes along. In fact, it is for ME only. Period. With this in mind, I'm ready to enroll as follows:

Silver Neg Busters

____ Matt, I'm unable to "swing" the fee for the GOLD VIP Group right now, but I'd like to still get started and reap the same type of benefits. For only $295 per month, I understand that I'll be able to get all the same coaching listed above, but each session will be 30 minutes long instead of 60.

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