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To Those Who Say It Can't be Done

Dear Friend,

In business, a turn-around specialist is a manager, or owner, who takes a failing company and makes it prosperous - and oftentimes when no one else agrees with the person with the vision.

Taco Bell is a perfect example of this concept. They had a large initial growth spurt, and then started idling in place, and then lost its direction.

New blood in the form of a new CEO came on board, and in the space of 18 months completely revolutionized the company.

His new model of the company was based on price and value.

Soon Taco Bell was a direct competitor of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, and KFC. No small feat.

I remember listening to the Taco Bell CEO tell the story of his idea, his vision for the company.

In his initial meeting with the management team he encountered huge resistance, which could be boiled down to a single theme: "It's never been done before."

The management of a multi-million dollar company, (excluding himself), was perfectly willing to do nothing because what he was proposing had never been done before.

In the next few meetings other reasons not to adopt his plan started to pop up. Those of you who have worked for large companies should be familiar with this scenario. Everybody likes the status quo, even if it means failure.

So he decided to act.

FREE Daily Psycho-Cybernetics Inspirational Quotes

In the next meeting he told the management team that all discussion on his plan was finished. Implementation of the plan would begin as soon as they left the room. Each of them was responsible for pieces of the plan and everyone would be held accountable. Those failing to produce the intended results would be asked to resign. They were then dismissed.

Within 24 hours, 3 of the 11 on the team resigned. Within 72 hours it was 5. He called the remaining 6 in and redistributed the other 5's work to them.

84 days after implementing the plan it was translated to all units.

New advertising hit the airwaves and results started coming in.

Sales started climbing. And climbing. And climbing. The company became a powerhouse.

Vision is powerful. Action makes it a reality.

The difference between the person with a powerful vision and an ordinary goal can be found in how much character and guts you have when you encounter criticism and resistance. The person who hangs to his vision and makes it a success, in spite of others fault finding, is the one whom Dr. Maltz pegs as having a powerful self-image.

If you don't have one - you can change your life today by getting one. Tis much easier to improve than you think.


Sean Furey

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