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Psycho-Cybernetics Books

Psycho Cybernetics Book

The New Psycho-Cybernetics

The Original Science of Self-Improvement and Success that Has Changed the Lives of Over 30 MIllion People

Maxwell Maltz, M.D. F.I.C.S.

Edited and Updated by Dan S. Kennedy and the Psycho--Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.

The Dr. Maltz Promise: "If You Can Remember, Worry or Tie Your Shoe, You Can Succeed With Psycho-Cybernetics!"

Since its original publication in 1960, the powerful Psycho-Cybernetics program has helped millions of people achieve life-changing goals - from losing weight to dramatically increasing their income. Newly updated to include changes in our lives that have occurred since it was first written, The New Psycho-Cybernetics remains true to Maltz's visionary approach and proven groundbreaking techniques.

Whether your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, excel in sports, achieve extraordinary entrepreneurial success, or become an exceptional sales person, you'll accomplish virtually any goal quickly and easily with The New Psycho-Cybernetics.

How to awaken your automatic success mechanism

• Dr. Maltz's 'theatre of the mind' to help you sell or negotiate with confidence and power

How to de-hypnotize yourself from beliefs that hold you back

• Why willpower fails and how to use relaxation to succeed

How to live more courageously

• How you can acquire the habit of happiness

Actor Chuck Norris' technique for canceling out negative thoughts

• How to give yourself an emotional face-lift and instantly look and feel 10 years younger

How to free yourself from inhibition

• Do-it-yourself tranquilizers that bring peace of mind

Olympic champion diver Greg Louganis' secret for stopping situational anxiety in its tracks, and learn how to have confidence on demand
The New Psycho-Cybernetics includes 31 prescriptions and mental training exercises that will help you put Dr. Maltz's teachings into practice.

Order now and you'll also be sent a sample of the Psycho-Cybernetics monthly newsletter and visualization program - a $39.95 value - yours free with your order today.

The New Psycho-Cybernetics - $22.00 plus $6 S&H U.S. - $12 S&H foreign
Psycho Cybernetics Book

Zero Resistance Selling™

"Close With Supreme Confidence - Attract Superb Customers and Big Checks Without Resistance and without using High-Pressure!"

Achieve extraordinary sales results using the world-renowned techniques of Psycho-Cybernetics

by Maxwell Maltz, M.D. F.I.C.S. with Dan S. Kennedy, William T. Brooks, Matt Oeschsli, Jeff Paul and Pamela Yellen

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the creator of Psycho-Cybernetics, and five hugely successful sales entrepreneurs - each themselves a Psycho-Cybernetics success story - reveal how to apply this powerful self-improvement program to every aspect of selling.

Learn how to completely eliminate customer resistance even as you remove your own mental obstacles and doubts. This unique program enables you to:
Quickly become a "master closer"

• Use objections to forge a "partnership" between you and the customer

Make dynamic, action-inspiring sales presentations

• Soar out of any selling slump

Ensure your own financial health and well-being

• Sell successfully even in situations where your self-image insists you're in "over your head"

Network for astounding results - without wasting time

• Conquer call resistance forever

Use stress to your advantage

• Attain happiness and peace of mind in your sales career
Zero Resistance Selling shows you how to literally "reprogram" your self-image to help you attain your loftiest selling and career goals

Zero Resistance Selling - $13.00 plus $6 S&H U.S. ($12 S&H foreign)

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