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November 5th, 2009

Hot Cubans

Here in Tampa Bay there are a lot of Cubans. Nothing like Miami, but still far more than the little town in Iowa where I grew up.

And let me tell you, the Cubans know how to make a sandwich – especially a HOT one. So they can run a great business making foot long “Hot Cubans.”

Anyway a good friend of mine loves a different form of HOT when it comes to Cuban. He literally goes into heat at the sight of a Cuban booty, er, beauty.

And much of his attraction is outside of his control. Or so it seems.

Here’s why: One time the two of us were in a Cuban restaurant in NY ordering a Cuban breakfast with toasty Cuban bread. And the lady waiting on him gave him a vibe so strong I think i could have sensed it a mile away.

The vibe was so strong that before I looked up to see “Who” I was kicking him in the shins to let him know he’d already been had.

Within a nano-second of their eyes meeting a connection was forged.

Afterward he said to me, “My Gawd, if you could only bottle that type of energy and use it for something other than scrogging, just think what you’d have.”

I smiled and said, “Dude, don’t you see the obvious? I’ve been telling you how to do this for years for your business.”

He says, “Yeah, I know, but I think it’s more powerful if you’re a woman.”

I said, “You sexist moron. Men may be a bit Philistine in this matter, but if they take the time to learn, a whole new Universe opens up to them.”

That afternoon I spent time modeling what I meant. He used what I taught him and two months later had a book out. He’ll be at my seminar in early December wherein I will be pulling back the curtain and practically standing naked before you ad I show you by DOING everything I’ve previously only talked about without demonstrating.

Only two dozen spots remain for this event which may never repeat.

If you’re attracted to the idea of creating a HOT product with a sizzling website, ad and heat wave of customers then enroll NOW.


Matt Furey

P.S. This message wad written in a restaurant ony iPhone and is being sent out without editing in any way. See how I put myself into a steaming emotional state so that YOU can do what I’m currently doing.

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