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February 18th, 2008

Why Whining is Self-Destructive

When I had my gym in California, I created a “No Whining Rule” so I wouldn’t have to listen to all the cry babies who weren’t willing to put 100% into what they were doing.

I printed it out, framed it and put it in the gym, where everyone could easily see it. Then I put it on a sheet of acceptable protocol and gave it to every member.

90% of the whining stopped, right then and there, simply because I let everyone know that you never succeed by whining, complaining or making excuses. Instead, you succeed by saying to yourself, if success is to be, it is UP to ME.

The result: Success rate went through the roof.

The reason I’m against whining is simple. Whenever you whine you’re giving power to circumstances and taking it away from yourself. You’re claiming that you can’t do anything because everything is outside of your control.

It isn’t. And it is amazing how your circumstances change when you stop whining and begin adopting the belief that if success is to be, it is up to me.

For every person whining about how pitiful his life and circumstances are, you can find plenty of examples of those who had it worse, yet rose to even higher levels of greatness because of the adversity.

How did the victors rise above the so-called victim status.

By focusing on a goal; by taking time to “be still.” By using their imagination creatively to plan a new way of being – and by rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever must be done to change things for the better.

Matthew Furey

P.S. An important change is in the works for the Psycho-Cyb website. I’ll be updating the products, the technology and a whole lot more very soon. It will take what I’m teaching and what Dr. Maltz taught into a Universe of Possibilities you’ve never experienced before. Stay tuned in.

In the interim, make sure you get a hold of Zero Resistance Living.

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