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October 5th, 2009

What’s Better Than Law of Attraction

You hear a lot about the Law of Attraction – and it is a LAW.

But there’s another LAW that I have proven over and over again that you MUST know if the Law of Attraction is going to work for you.

I reveal this LAW in The Unbeatable Man – and when you use it, your life will take a dramatic, automatic turn for the better. Every single time.

After I learned this LAW I was catapulted toward success at an ever-accelerating pace. This LAW served me well as an athlete, where I won a national title in college. It served me well when I opened a business and when I won a world title in shuaijiao kung fu in China.

It’s helped me learn foreign languages, write best-selling book and coach frustrated LOA people to become great.

Chances are you don’t want to learn this LAW. Chances are you’re already successful enough, happy enough and totally fulfilled in every area of your life.

But just in case you’re always LOOKING for the edge, no matter how well you’ve done to date, then I recommend you read, devour and practically memorize the story of The Unbeatable Man.

No matter what your endeavor, your goal, your dream, The Unbeatable Man will guide you and mentor you to far greater success.

How do I know?

I know because of the ton of testimonials already pouring in about how the book has already helped people like YOU.

For example, earlier today, I received the following note:

Yesterday my son Trey (17 years old) ran his cross country race over a minute FASTER than last week. Your book helped him get his head straight.
Thank you very much.

Claim your copy of The Unbeatable Man NOW and I’m going to toss in a FREE CD on The Power of Thought Vibration. This CD features an interview with me in which I reveal more secrets in one riveting hour than you’ve ever heard anyone rattle off before.


Matt Furey

P.S. If you’ve already ordered The Unbeatable Man – I’ll make sure you get a copy of this CD, too.

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