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February 2nd, 2009

Steelers Win, Phelps Falters

Last night I was at the Super Bowl with my son – having a grand time – until the Cards lost. He didn’t take this too well – and this gave me an opportunity to teach
him about sportsmanship.

Truth be told, I woke up yesterday morning feeling “in my bones” that the Steelers would win. But because I merely wanted to SEE a good game and like both teams, when I got to the game with my neutral Super Bowl jersey on – and saw the Cards fans out-numbered 10-1, I decided to add some cardinal red to the stadium

I ended up buying a #11 Larry Fitzgerald jersey so I could add a little color to the game.

And man, was it EVER a great game. Best I’ve ever seen, as well as my first one LIVE.

The lessons in this game were huge.

1. Never give up – even if all appears lost.

2. Don’t celebrate too early – or too long.

3. Use your best talent as much as you can.

4. When you make a mistake – don’t pout about it. Make up for it.

5. Love your fans, respect them greatly – then get to work.

After the game I found out from some of my friends on Facebook and Twitter that Olympic great Michael Phelps got nailed for smoking pot.

A British tabloid broke the story, showing Phelps with his mouth on a marijuana bong. Makes me think this ain’t the first time he’s used such a device. If I were to use one I’d need some lessons.

Fact is, I’ve praised Phelps left, right and in all directions for months. I’ve recommended his book, “No Limits” to coaching members and subscribers.

NOW… what do I say?

Well, if you take another look at the five principles listed above, you’ll have my answer.

Take an especially long look at #5.

“Love your fans, respect them greatly – then get back to work.”

Why? Because your fans, as wonderful as they are, don’t have the same mission in life that you do. And they WON’T stay fans if you lose the drive and focus that made them fans in the first place.

Moreover, from a mental and spiritual point of view, if you exchange too much time and energy with fans, or with people who are NOT like you, you better have a psychic self-defense system in place. If you don’t have one, you run the danger of giving away your power and energy.

When you party with “anyone” who comes along – and you don’t have a psychic shield of protection in place – you are no longer exchanging energy with success-minded people. Instead, you’re swimming in an energy field of the masses, most of whom don’t have 1/10,000th of the discipline, desire, dedication and willingness to succeed that you have.

AND… if you continually hang around people who are not success-minded, you won’t pick THEM up. Instead, they will drag YOU down.

Moreover, when you have the high-powered energy of a Michael Phelps, many people will be sinking energetic straws into your field and sucking the life right out of you.

Everywhere you go you are being vampired, whether you realize it or not – UNLESS you have a psychic shield in place that will protect you. And I can assure you, there are many elements of other peoples’ energy that you don’t want to pick up.

Think of it this way, only 3% of the people in this country have any idea what they want in life. Only 3% have taken the time to put in writing what they intend to create. Yet this small minority is HUGE in terms of results. They accomplish more than the other 97% combined. This means that 97% of everyone you see is going nowhere fast.

Making a choice to be in the 3% gives you an offensive line, running backs, receivers and a quarterback who can drive the ball down the field. But it doesn’t give you a defense – and perhaps this is why so many people who rise to great heights suddenly fall.

Not having a psychic self-defense system is like going without a bullet-proof vest, body guards, secret service and so on when you’re President. It’s not a risk anyone would advise.

Learning Psychic Self-Defense is like having a team of energetic bodyguards protecting you from those who don’t have the best of intentions for you.

Michael Phelps knows how to transmute negative thoughts like, “You’ll never win eight gold medals” into their positive equivalent.

But what he may not have realized is there are many more negatives in the world other than the people who hope you fail to win gold medals in the pool.

There are many people who want to see you fail for no other reason than that they have never succeeded, and your loss makes them feel better about their uneventful lives.

If you hang out with go nowhere people – you’ll fulfill the nightmare they are leading you toward.

And now more than ever, when people are laughing, mocking and jeering Phelps, when people are draining him of the will to go on – he needs psychic self-protection.

I am one who would be happy to teach Michael Phelps the psychic self-protections I have learned.

Unlike so many others, I realize he’s human, just like you and me. I realize everything he does is amplified to the extreme because of his fame, but that’s even MORE reason to get a defense system in place.

Not only would I consider it an honor to teach Michael Phelps, I’d consider it an honor to teach YOU as well. Afterall, if you aren’t giving it all you have to create what you want, there is a reason.

You came into this world as pure positive energy and a creative imagination.

Then what happened.

If you’re not using what you came into this world with, then someone and something got in the way.

Order my Psychic Self-Defense DVD NOW and protect yourself from the conscious and unconscious attacks others send your way.

Matt Furey

P.S. A few people have made “cute” remarks about this program like, “I have pepper spray and a Magnum 357 for the negative people who come my way.”

So you’re going to shoot anyone who offers you dope? Or anyone who attacks your goals and dreams?

What about your television, radio and computer? Going to use them for target practice, too?

Get serious. There are both human and energetic sources of negativity. My system protects you against both.

Get Psychic Self-Defense NOW and experience the difference it makes in your life. Go order NOW.

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