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February 10th, 2009

Life Is Like a Rasslin Match

Several years ago I thought about writing a book that compared life to a giant wrestling match.

Thing is, because most people think wrestling is pro rasslin’ – I canned the idea. But maybe I ought to rethink that one. After all, pro rasslin’ is, for the most part, totally phony and fake – and so is much of society at large.

Even so, what I had in mind years ago was jarred back into consciousness yesterday when a lady wrote me to say, “Life is not a martial art.”


My answer: YES, life IS like a martial art – and anyone who’s studied martial arts KNOWS the deep connection your training has with every aspect of your life.

Yesterday I covered breathing – and how it ranks numero uno in terms of importance to staying alive.

Guess what you learn when you study a traditional martial art (not the strip mall dojo variety)? How to breathe correctly – from your center – deep and full.

Guess what else you learn?

How to focus; how to concentrate on a goal; how to overcome obstacles; how to conquer stress; how to turn negative thoughts, emotions and self-doubts into confidence; how to turn an opponent’s jabs into opportunities; and how to fight for what you believe in – even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

You also learn that the sky is not the limit in terms of the development of your skills. Physically, psychologically and spiritually.

You learn when to relax and do nothing as well as when to stand up and fight.

So YES, life is like a martial art – it’s like a wrestling match (a real one).

And if you want to rise to the top in life, if you want to be like a high-level martial artist, you’ll also want to follow one of the most important laws of success ever created – which most people don’t know anything about.

What’s that law? It’s called PRACTICE.

Yesterday I read a correction to the Perlander quote, “Practice makes perfect.”

The real quote is “Practice is everything.”

Ah, yes. Practice. That’s how you get good at something. It’s how you get good at everything. Including how you use your mind.

Each and every day you have a choice as to how you are going to use your mind – but if you never train it – don’t be surprised if you feel helpless under stress.

Want to know what to do under stress? Want to develop the focus of a martial artist? Or would you rather just keep ‘winging it?’

If your answer is to get MORE out of yourself – then latch onto the world famous Zero Resistance Living System – now available at half-price.

Matt Furey

P.S. You don’t need to be a martial artist to use the program or benefit from it. But don’t be surprised if you start feeling like one as soon as you begin tapping into the creative power of your imagination.

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