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April 22nd, 2010

How to Remove Blocks to Success

In the sport of baseball, there are many ways to score a run.

Listed below are three of the most common ways:

1. You hit a fair ball over the fence and trot around the bases (works every time).

2. You slide into home plate and beat the tag (doesn’t always work).

3. You knock the catcher over if he’s blocking the plate (doesn’t always work) and step on the plate.

Well, what to do if you’re half the catcher’s size – or just not very big – and he’s blocking the plate so well there might just as well be a brick wall up?

If you’re Fordham baseball player, Brian Kownacki, you refuse to see the catcher as an obstacle. Instead, you view him as a prop that you’re going to fly over. See what I mean here:

Then come back to this site, expand your imagination about what is and isn’t possible – and order a copy of the amazing Zero Resistance Living Course.
Matt Furey

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