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August 16th, 2008

Gold Medal Clues

What a swim.

If you watched Michael Phelps sensational and surreal come-from-behind finish last night, you saw living proof of why you never want to count yourself out.

In the finals for the 100-meter butterfly, Phelps was in seventh place at the end of 50 meters.

Seventh out of eight.

As I watched I told my son, he’s going to get the bronze. Wait, maybe the silver. Wait, oh my goodness, he may pull this out yet. Aaaah – oh my God – he just won.



Milorad Cavic, who was leading let up at the last second and glided in for the touch. Phelps swam his way to the touch – and this made the difference between gold and silver.

Think of this, my friend. How often do we glide to the finish when one final burst would do us much more good.

How often do we count ourselves out because we’re not in the lead to begin with.

How often do we think “It cannot be done” simply because the road looks difficult.

Banish these thoughts – and GO.

Put all the might from your body, mind and spirit into your endeavors – and you can never be defeated.

You may not come in first – but you will have given everything you have in pursuit of what you want – and that is the most anyone can realistically ever ask of you.

Yet, so few people ever give their ALL to anything. EVER. They’re half-committed with links made from torn thread.

The key is total commitment to your goal.

It is a connection of mind and body beyond the norm.

Your links are sealed. There’s no escape from what you said you would do. You cannot do anything but go with the force and give your ALL.

That’s what happens when you have a goal programmed into your mind; a goal you think about each day; a goal you fertilize with the energy of your own breath; a goal that is brought to reality by the combined power of word and deed.

Watch the gold medal winners in the Olympics and you’ll find clues galore on how you can apply their dedication and focus to any endeavor in life – and come out a winner.

Matt Furey

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