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October 29th, 2009

Get Up Again, and Again, and Again

What do you tell the person who feels defeated? Who feels beaten down? The person who’s lost another one?

There are many answers to this question that I cover in my new book, The Unbeatable Man. Believe me now and listen to me later, I know what it’s like to pick myself up after defeat – over and over again. And that’s why people can relate so deeply to my story.

Here’s an answer to the question about defeat that is NOT covered in my book:

Last weekend the head coach for a young football team that finished the season with an 0-8 record, called all the parents forward when the final whistle blew for the year.

The coach then told the parents, “I don’t care if the boys win or lose. What I care about most is that the boys have FUN and form good relationships with their teammates.”

Admirable qualities, yes. But come on, coach. If you really want to teach the boys to have FUN – then teach them how to give everything they have on the journey toward victory.

If you make giving your best effort the goal – winning and losing will take care of themselves – and you’ll most likely win far more than you would if winning was the goal.

On the other hand, if FUN is the goal – UGGH! Not good. Not good at all. Fun is what losers pretend they’re having when everything goes wrong. It’s an excuse. “Ah, it doesn’t matter we lost 40-0, so long as we had FUN.”


Sadly, many coaches today have bought into the “fun comes first” idea of training. It’s ALL wrong.

Fun is a secondary benefit that comes of it’s own accord when you give the game everything you’ve got. Same goes for relationships.

Want to have fun? Want lifelong friends? Then train your ass off to become great and you’ll achieve all of them.

Last night the Phillies looked like they were having a ton of fun beating up on the Yankees. But I’ll bet you their goal wasn’t fun. It’s winning the World Series.

Make sure you grab one of the remaining hard bound copies of The Unbeatable Man NOW – along with the FREE CD entitled, The Power of Thought Vibration – which you’ll want to listen to again and again.

The Unbeatable Man will instill and install the correct winning attitude toward success as well as setbacks. It’ll help you bounce back after every mistake or failure – and it’ll keep you primed and ready for more when you’re victorious.

Become The Unbeatable Man today.

Matt Furey

P.S. Here’s a note i just received:


I just read the Unbeatable Man. I couldn’t put it down and you wrote in such manner that I felt I right there with you at the state finals. But when you continued about how to learn lessons from your losses as well as your victories it was powerful. So powerful that I starting a new journey on a change in my career it gave me confidence. I have been an accountant/budget analyst for almost 30 years for the government. I retire in less then four and want to go into Holistic Health. I started taking classes and feel like a fish out of water, but as I read your book, I know this fish will become a shark and succeed beyond my own expectations. Waiting for the next book………..

Bill B.

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