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September 25th, 2008

Why Today is a BIG Money Day

Hark onto me. Read today’s message very, very carefully. It may just be one of those emails that changes the course of your life… forever.

Here’s why: As you’re probably aware of by now, today is the day that Senator John McCain is back on Capitol Hill – presumably to “fix” our nation’s broken economy.

Hold the phone a minute.

Let’s ponder the question no one is asking: How does a government that is already a gadzillion dollars in debt “fix” the economy.

Think of this. If my business was a gadziillion dollars in debt, would you ask me for a loan. Would you ask me how to improve my financial situation. Would you allow me to “fix” things for you.

Not likely.

Yet, millions of Americans place their hopes in politicians and the Washington elite – most of whom have NEVER owned or operated a business – to ride to the rescue… to save the day…

Well, I got news for you. A band-aid on a cancerous tumor doesn’t make it go away. It may make you FEEL like things have changed – but your feelings may be dead wrong.

Yet, while all the finagling is going on in Washington to save our economy – there is a clandestine group of men and women who really don’t worry about which way the economic winds blow. Why. Because no matter what – they are going to “find a way” to profit from it.

This group of very private people never feels beaten down or punished by economic times. They never feel that politicians will save them or the day.

Instead, they look into a crystal monitor and view the future.

And once they see it – they invest in it. Even when things look bleaker than black.

Take my wife, Zhannie, for example. Not long ago I got her a course that teaches a little-known method for beating Wall Street in their own game.

I got Zhannie this course because I wanted her to be involved in a “sideline” activity that I had no say or involvement in; something where she could earn a ton of dough on her own.

Well, here’s what happened: Despite a bit of a language barrier and being TOTALLY NEW to this sort of venture – Zhannie learned the system being taught – a system that is NOT at all like the tired and worn idea of buying stocks or mutual funds.

It’s very different. It’s a little known secret called ‘credit spread trading.’ And it works no matter what the economic woes.

Even though Zhannie is new to this game – last week we looked at her results. Her current success rate is 94%. Off the charts.

Yesterday Zhannie showed me a few of her buys. Per her coach’s advice – she and several other friends bought Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae – which are supposed to get bailed out here realĀ  soon by el presidente and el senator.

Imagine buying these trades at .30 cents – and now they’re over $2.00 a share. If you can imagine this scenario – you now know why Zhannie is smiling from ear to ear – regardless of the economy.

In fact, she knows how to make a bundle of dough even when everyone else is crying, weeping and gnashing their teeth. And I am doggone proud to be her witness.

I am also proud to know several other people that are flying beneath the radar -and every single one of them raves about the advice her coach, Jeffrey Ziegler, gives to those who have his course.

So today, I’m presenting you with my 102nd Way to Magnetize Money. I cover 101 in my book – yet here’s another way – and it is MEGA powerful.

That’s why I am 100% confident when I look you in the eyes and say, “Drop everything you are doing right now and invest in “the course” that my wife and friends swear by. It’s making them a fortune – even in very turbulent times.

Go here and get started today.

Matt Furey

P.S. Previously I’ve told you that the number ’8′ is a symbol of wealth, fame, power and prosperity in China. In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the opening ceremonies began on 08-08-08 at 8:08:08 PM. These Olympics were the MOST watched and most profitable EVER. Well, today is an ’8′ day.

Take the numbers for today and add them. 9+2+5=2+0+0+8 = 26. Then add 2+6 to arrive at today’s ultimate number: 8.

This means that today is THE day to make a dramatic move for the better. Today is THE day to say “YES” to greater prosperity and abundance. Go here and order NOW.

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