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September 15th, 2008

After I Put My Foot Down

After I sent my email this morning entitled, “a couple quick surprises,” orders for 101 Ways to Magnetize Money came through in droves.

And then….

…. long pause.

No orders for several hours. The well done dried up. The magnets done went rusty.


Here’s what happened: The shopping cart system I use to send these emails and track all the orders, decided to do repairs on a MONDAY afternoon.

Yes, I could complain, whine, moan, groan and stomp my feet.

But instead I’m turning this gaffe into a blessing. Another chance to tell you, “Don’t sweat the impermanent stuff.”

Anyway, if you tried to order but the shopping cart wouldn’t let you – the dealie bopper is working fine now. So head on over to here and order now.

Matt Furey

P.S. Here are a couple more testimonials on the book that came in today:

Matt, Thank you so much for your book. It is wonderful. You taught me to attract more than money. Two weeks ago, I had 11 boys on the wrestling team and I took your book in practice…now it grew to 42. I have a full team. It’s unbelievable.

Thank you again.

Scott T.

Hi Matt,

I just want to say hell yes, and amen to the new magazine and to the 101 ways book.

I did a “money magnet” meditation the other day, seeing the money and checks flying at me and sticking to me, 108 times. That day, I deposited about $5500 in the bank. Later on that night, I remarked to my wife that I deposited in one day, the whole amount that I saved up to go to college about 10 years ago. Holy cow, how times have changed for the better.

… as I’ve stated to you before, everything I apply that I learn from you, WORKS.

Can’t wait for the seminar in a couple days. See you then.


Hi Matt,

I just began reading 101 Ways to Magnetize Money and I have the same comments as some of the other readers. It’s something I want to read a little of every night and every morning to keep myself open to attracting wealth. Honestly someone taped $20 inside my mailbox the day after I ordered your book. Have no idea where or from whom it came but I blessed it, gave thanks and kept it moving.
- Janise

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