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June 9th, 2009

Why are You Doing This (or that)?

Yesterday I was out training in the early morning with my son. We’re currently at our summer home here on Hainan Island in China – and at 7 a.m. the air is already dripping humidity, with or without the sun. So believe me when I tell you, It doesn’t take much for my clothes to be sopping wet.

As you can imagine, I get up at six, wake my son to do likewise, and after we shower and get dressed – we go outdoors to get sweaty so we can shower yet again.

Each day we go through an array of psycho-physical exercises. Many are always the same – but we change a few around each day to keep life interesting.

Before each workout and before each exercise, I ask myself a simple question that focuses my energy. And yesterday I hit my son with this question and it stopped him in his tracks. It made him think. It made him realize that everything you do in life, even if it looks the same, can be changed into something MORE via a change in how you think about what you’re doing.

Okay, what was the question I asked my son?

Real simple: “Why are you doing this exercise?”

It’s not a trick question; nor a stupid one. And you could state it in any number of ways: “What do you want? What is your intention?” And so on.

For a 9-year old, I think “Why are you doing this? (or that) is pretty doggone clear.

And whatever his answer, or mine, or yours, to this question, regardless of the activity – changes the result you will experience.

Why are you doing what you’re doing right now?

Why are you reading this?

No matter your answer, your mind will direct you toward what you’re seeking.

If you’re reading to discover an idea that’ll bring financial gain, you’ll find it if that’s why you’re reading this.

If you’re reading to solve a relationship riddle, or to improve your communications with someone else – or to figure out how to be a better writer (yes, I humor myself from time to time), then you’ll be led to the answer.

Where does the answer come from then?

Not from me. Not from my words.

It comes from YOU being willing to ask the question.

Will you?

If not, I will for you. Why are you doing this? Or that?

Matt Furey

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