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May 6th, 2008

The Finished Line

“You need to finish something.”

The five words you see in quotes were said to me by my wife in the summer of 1995.

She got tired of watching me start something – get an idea for something else – drop what I was doing – start the new thing – get a new idea – start on yet another new path – then get yet another idea – and so on.

A few weeks after she said this I finished my first book.

But I didn’t stop there. Soon after I wrote my first book I created a set of three videos, then another book with a video – then another book and a set of audio tapes to go with it.

A couple months later – two more videos.

I was finishing things.

In fact, over the next eight years I finished so many things that I became prosperous in every sense of the word.

Then I backed off a bit on creating products and started doing seminars and coaching … helping others create.

Now, let me define the words “backed off.”

They mean: While coaching everyone in the creation process I started to create fewer books and course than I used to, or at the speed I once did.

Yes, I did write three newsletters each month, as well articles for magazines, as well as my daily emails, as well as my monthly CDs and DVDs.

Yet, even with the seminars, the coaching, the newsletters, emails, DVDs and CDs being cranked out each month – something was still stirring within my soul.

I felt I had done so little compared to what I’m capable of. There was so much more I wanted to write, to say, to record.

While this desire for more stirred within me – I also had to deal with the reality that I could retire if I wanted to and live a life of comfort.

I must tell you – the words “comfort” and “comfortable” are dangerous. You want to learn the art of mental, physical and spiritual relaxation – but you don’t want to learn the art of comfort. As soon as you get comfortable with what you have or what you’ve done – something inside you dies.

I can tell you, there are a lot of people who would love to write a book or create a product – but their lives are too comfortable – so they can’t get themselves to do it.

The word “maintain” is another dangerous word. Success is not about maintaining anything. It’s about continually looking for ways to make yourself better – no matter what.

And there is no better way to capture the feeling of success than finishing things you set out to do – then going back and recharging yourself by reliving those circumstances in order to program yourself for more of the same.

Finishing things takes desire, imagination and goals that get you moving.

Later this month I’ll be releasing a couple new books that I showed to members of my MasterMind last weekend. I think you’ll be in awe when you read what I’ve written. It most certainly is NOT a rehash of everything else out there.

So stay tuned.

In the interim, take a look at the Zero Resistance Living Course

Matt Furey

P.S. 10 days remain before I put on my annual fitness seminar. This one will be a total mind/body approach that you MUST go to. Only 48 hours left before enrollment is closed. Sign on NOW.

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