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October 9th, 2008

Success Rituals – Failure Rituals

If you watched Michael Phelps throughout the Beijing Olympics, you probably noted that he followed a precise ritual EVERY time he got ready to compete.

He sat in the stands with his ipod earphones plugged in. When his race was called he came to the starting block, removed one of the plugs, unzipped his jacket … and so on.

Once he got on the starting blocks – just before the race began he put his hands behind his back and stretched. After this he leaned forward, swung his arms back and forth three times – then he was ready.

In an interview Phelps admitted that he does this same ritual before EVERY race.

Athletes and martial artists at the highest levels understand what Phelps is doing. Outsiders often think of this sort of ritual as superstition. Yet, it’s not.

What Phelps is doing is recapturing that “winning feeling” – and making sure his mind and his body are fully tuned in to what he wants to accomplish.

People who struggle in life don’t have a success ritual that they follow on a consistent basis. They’ve never taken the time to think about what they did and what they were thinking when they were at their BEST.

I take rituals very seriously because I know how they help you stay on the success path – or get back on if you’ve fallen astray.

Each day I do many, many things as part of my success programming ritual. I’ve outlined 101 of the various things I do in my new book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Even so, sometimes I do things that run contrary to my success ritual. The good news is I instantly feel that some thing is wrong – and i jump back on the path.

Last night, for example, I decided to watch the nightly political news just before bed. Instead of doing my closing success ritual – I let myself get bombarded with mega doses of “what if?”

This morning, upon arising, I noticed that I was a bit off. I assessed how I was feeling and immediately changed my emotional state.

How did I do this. I did it by opening my own book to re-read the things I wrote about. I flipped the book open to see what message I needed to re-learn for today.

The book opened to page 41.

I read the page – retired to my private chambers and began to follow the instructions.

There’s a saying in Chinese martial arts:

“Miss one day of practice and you know it. Miss two days and your teacher knows it. Miss three days and everyone knows it.”

I missed one day of evening practice and I knew it. I won’t let it go two or three – or more.

Why. Because I know the value of a success ritual. I also know the pain and frustration of a failure ritual.

Which one are you following.

If you don’t have one – or if you want one that is so high-powered that I, myself, don’t just write about it – I LIVE IT – then grab yourself a copy of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money NOW.

Matt Furey

P.S. This email, like all my others, is written stream-of-consciousness – usually without correction. If you’d like to learn how I do it – and how this unique method of writing simple emails can make you a master of money magnetism, then check out my course, The Furey Method for Making a Fortune with Email. This course may double or triple your daily income within record time.

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