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December 29th, 2008

Just Say Yes

Years ago a three-word slogan gathered much support. It was championed in an era when many were worried about teenagers adopting drugs as part of their life style.

The slogan – “Just Say NO” was both ridiculed as well as applauded. Yet, along with a mental picture of yourself saying “NO” and walking away – tis little more needed.

Same goes for the slogan I’m championing at this very moment: “Just Say Yes.”

Not 100% of the time. But more often than you are right now.

Open yourself UP.

Stop condemning everything that comes your way.

If you see the title of a self-help book and it rattles your cage – you probably need to read the book.

Nearly 20 years ago I noticed this about myself. I’d see a book like “Your Erroneous Zones” by Dr. Wayne Dyer in the bookstore. I’d immediately get pissed.


Made no sense, really – other than the ego trying to protect itself.

Eventually I bought the book – and all Dr. Dyer’s other book – and tapes. Ended up seeing him LIVE a few times too.

Learned some life-changing concepts and principles once I got past the immediate condemnation stage.

When I wrote my first book in 1996, a man told me that people go through three phases before accepting anything positive.

First, they condemn. Second, they get angry. Third, the evidence is so overwhelming that they eventually join in themselves.

Funny how the mind works.

When it comes to social media like Facebook.com – I’ve always condemned them. Saw them as a huge waste of time.

Now I’m not so sure. Especially after the results I got in less than 24 hours of just saying YES.

I honestly believe your willingness to OPEN and say YES to new things will be a far bigger indicator of where you’re headed in life than almost anything.

And so, contrary to what I’ve said and written in the past – I’ve switched gears and am giving social media a whirl.

If it turns out to be a waste, I will let you know – but So far it has been really fun and … cool.

So if you want to sign on as a Friend of Furey – here’s the link.

As this is going on, I am already making moves to join the other networks, so hang onto your seat. I’ll be joining you wherever you are SOON.

Okay, so let’s rip this thing up on Facebook. GO HERE and become part of the friends group.

Matt Furey

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