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July 20th, 2009

Fearless Doing

When you do things without fear, when you live in the present moment, feeling the air around you and flowing into you as you observe yourself living your dreams – that is when you understand what Zero Resistance Living is all about.

It’s Fearless Doing.

It’s Zen.

I’m talking about enlightened, awakened and conscious living.

I’m talking about being so engrossed in the practice of something that you are consciously lost in the moment. You’re more aware than ever before – yet you’re less aware of details like time. There’s no resistance to success in your mind, in your step or in your body.

You don’t think thoughts of ‘no can do.’ You only think of what you want – you see a mental snapshot of what you desire – and then it’s FORWARD MARCH.

No second guessing. No worry. No fear. Only movement.

See what you want and move toward it. See what you want and move IT toward you.

Never fear having to do something to get what you want.

The greatest masters were and always will be those who can and will move, as often as necessary, to get the job done.

And it almost immaterial what the movement is – so long as you do it consciously, you can rise to the highest levels of living. You attain a Zero Resistance state of mind by living in the moment with passion, doing what you love to do.

You can be a vilonist, a painter, a sculpter or writer. You can be a housewife, a physician, a teacher or pilot. You can campaign for peace – or you can take up your sword and go to war.

All of these seemingly contradictory activities can lead to the mountain top. All of these roles in life can charge your mind and body or deplete it of vitality. The difference lies within YOU.

Do you do what you do with a sense of panic, worry, fear or guilt. Or do you do what you do completely free of these unnecessary tensions.

Think about where you are and make a conscious choice to dig deeper and climb higher. Practice everyday, without fail, the things that lead to greatness.

Begin each day with deep breathing and visualization. Go into the Theatre of Your Mind and see yourself at your best. Center yourself. Breathe, relax and picture.

If you do this each day, you will begin feeling what Zero Resistance means. You will feel as if you’re sliding through life instead of getting beaten, battered and bruised.

Even when going through tough times – there is a level of being in which you move without resistance. You gather strength from life. You drink the nectar from all experiences.

The other day I was speaking to a man who asked me who my teachers are. I said: ‘The entire world is my teacher.’

At first he was stunned to hear this – and so was I. So I made a mental note – then a written one.

Observe yourself, hear what you say and learn from it. Observe others, hear what they say and learn from them.

Do this and you understand what it means to be pushed through the day instead of ‘pushing’ yourself through the day.

Zero Resistance Living will show you how to do this. Pick up a copy here.


Matt Furey

P.S. Be sure to pick up your copy of my smashing best-seller, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

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