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January 28th, 2009

Close Encounters With Negative Energy

One of the greatest keys to greatness is knowing how to navigate through life without tension, without nervousness or fear.

Very few people know how to eliminate their fears. Instead, they are paralyzed by them.

Very few people know how to mount an effective offense to score the winning touchdown in life.

What’s worse is that most people have neither an effective offense or a sound psychic defense.

And most of those who manage to create an offense don’t know that a defensive strategy is also important.

In my study of Taoist kung fu, chi kung, nei kung and healing – you always erect an offense as well as a defense. NEVER just an offense. He who only has an offense will get slaughtered.

He’ll get slaughtered by physical and non-physical forces. And let’s face it, most of the forces we wade through each day are non-physical. Most people don’t come up to us and slap us, punch us, kick us or hit us with an object. At least not everyday.

Yet, when we spend time with others, why is it we often leave their company feeling drained, vampired, beaten, whooped and slimed?

It’s because we had no defense.

Almost all of the self-help gurus give you an offense with no defense. So you use their techniques and they work for a spell.

But as soon as your energy grows and you’re doing well, others come around and begin syphoning from you. They insert an energetic straw into your field and begin to suck and vampire the life out of you.

In fact, this may sound a bit spooky, but there are forces out there who attempt to do this to you while you sleep. This is just one of the reasons why many people have strange encounters while trying to get a good night’s rest.

If you’ve ever experienced ‘sleep paralysis’ – you know what I’m talking about. You can see and even hear everything going on inside your bedroom, but you cannot move your body. If this has ever happened to you – don’t brush it off and think it’s nothing.

It is definitely something. It’s just as much ‘something’ as walking into a room and feeling something wrong in the air. It’s just as much ‘something’ as going for a walk through Gettysburg and getting the creeps.

At the present moment the best thing you can do to take charge of your life is to get control of your energy.

Eliminate the negative energy attached to you. Don’t just try to picture all the things you want in life.

Clean your external field first. Then clean your internal energy. Think of taking a shower outside as well as in – in your imagination.

It’s not difficult to learn. And you’ll learn how from both me and Dr. Maxwell Maltz in the world famous Zero Resistance Living Program.

Right now you can grab the program for 50% off by typing ’2009′ into the coupon code area when you place your order.

Along with each order I’ll be including some extra goodies that will help give you extra protection against negative energies and people.

Order NOW.

Matt Furey

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