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December 11th, 2008

China’s Plot to Overthrow America

The other day I got an email from a reader asking me how the economy is doing in China. He went on to say that he’s read the Chinese are behind the economic troubles in the U.S.

And yesterday, after making light of Prez Elect Obama’s nicotine addiction, a lady wrote to shame me for caring. She also chided me for living in China (part of the year) wherein it is presumed that no one has any rights – including animals.


Let me begin with the man’s question first.

Along the Pearl River Delta in China – also known as Guangdong Province, 10,000 factories recently closed.


Because there isn’t enough work for them to do.

Not only that, but current estimates state that another 20,000 factories will shut down by summer.

That’s 30,000 altogether.

This means that the 525,000 Americans who recently lost their jobs pales in comparison to the number of jobs being lost in China.

And so, to answer the question, NO, I don’t think the Chinese government is out to destroy the U.S. They’re having a lot of
troubles of their own – and they’re not pretty.

China, Japan and much of the rest of the world are counting on us to pull our heads out of our rumpus so that THEY can get on with the making of more things – and more money.

At present it doesn’t appear that our political leaders are in any hurry to do anything right for anyone. Even a bank knows you don’t loan a business dough without a plan – especially if the loan is in the BILLIONS.

But do not focus on what is going on in OUR country. Instead, we should be worried about those totalitarian commie thugs in Red China.

We should be worried about how they treat their prisoners – even when we don’t do a good job ourselves. We should be worried about how much religious freedom THEY have – when atheists get to put up signs next to nativity scenes in our own country.

We should be worried about animal rights in China – when the rights of unborn human beings are given no protection in the U.S. – even if through some miracle they’re born alive.

There is much I’d like to see changed in China – but there is even more I’d like to see changed in our country.

For example, I’d like to see stronger families. I’d like to see sons and daughters coming home from school, and in a Confucian way, taking time to talk to each and every family member, from the top on down, about what was learned.

I’d like to see children in our country taught how to set goals, how to make plans, and how to create what they want in life – regardless of the economy, government and so on.

I’d like to see people stop blaming everyone else for their troubles.

I’d like to see people stop looking for handouts and bailouts – and the government to stop giving them, unless there’s a real need.

I’d like to see people willingly reaching out to help those who are less fortunate – not by doing it for them – but by showing them how to take the power into their own hands – and do it themselves.

I’d like to see the elderly respected and loved instead of put to death.

I’d like to see good nutritional habits taught.

I’d like to see an end put to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

I’d like to see prayer, meditation and spiritual practice be something you don’t need to hide or be ashamed of.

I’d like to see all the child molesters, rapists, mass murderers and drug pushers sent to a remote island to live with poisonous vipers and mosquitoes.

I’d like to see the school teachers and priests who victimize children hung upside down.

And I’d like to see the U.S. stop policing the world when it cannot even take care of itself.

Yes, that’s what I want.

Is China trying to destroy or overthrow America?

Maybe later – but not right now.

But there are plenty of forces in America, who happen to be American born citizens, who seem to be working on doing so around the clock.

Make sure you’re not one of them by being a force for GOOD.

Being a force for Good starts within your own mind, with how you think and how you mentally picture the world.

When I look within, despite all the “stuff” on the outside that doesn’t look so good – I still manage to smile, relax, breathe and believe that everything will work out for the best.

Sure there will be tough times. But as Dr. Robert Schuller penned many years ago, “Tough times never last. Tough people do.”

Be one of the tough ones.

Matt Furey

P.S. Guess what. I wrote this email stream-of-consciousness in about 15 minutes. Most people who receive it are going to open it. And reactions are going to vary from A-X.

And you know what, I can teach you how to do what I just did – and show you how it’ll make you a fortune. Want to know how. Then go here and find out.

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