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July 9th, 2009

Are Your Thoughts Really Yours?

Of all the thoughts you have in your mind, how many of them are yours. How many are someone else’s.

You may be surprised to explore this question – not for a few seconds, but each day, for several minutes.

Many people are under the illusion that all their thoughts are their own. But this cannot be the case as you came into the world with an empty slate – and right from the start other people began feeding you their beliefs, thoughts, ideas, goals, agendas, habits and so on.

Without a doubt, learning from others is necessary. We need parents, teachers, helpers and so on. At the same time, when we’re adults, (or sooner) we would be wise to distinguish between what we truly think and believe and what other people have told us to think and believe.

There is a profound difference – and once you know what YOU think and believe – once you know who you truly are – then you find within yourself immense power and endurance to go after what you want in life.

So long as you are bound by fear, worry, self-doubt, depression and so on, you are not truly thinking your own thoughts – nor are you swimming in an energy field that is 100% yours.

Children don’t come into the world with worries, phobias, anxiety attacks, depression and so on. They either learn these ways of being – or they are subjected to negative attacks from others.

These negative attacks not only enter your mind – but your energy field as well. Changing your thoughts and mental pictures is an important step in the right direction. New self-talk and mental pictures, in and of itself, can and does change who you are on the inside – and this leads to changes on the outside.

At the same time, though, learning how to change the energy field that surrounds your body is also very important because there are times when you don’t feel right and it has nothing to do with what YOU were thinking.

For example, last summer I entered a bar in Thailand with a couple friends. As soon as we took a seat I looked at the others and said, “Let’s go.”

“Why. What’s up,” came the reply.

“I’ll tell you when we get outside,” I said.

Once outside I explained to my friends that this bar was filled with incredibly negative energy that was on the attack.

“How did you know this,” one person asked.

“I know because I felt sick to my stomach as soon as I sat down. Now we’re outside and I feel fine. What does that tell you.”

Most people are not as sensitive as I am to the negative – and this is one of the reasons why they are so easily influenced from a positive mental state to one that is not life affirming.

Remember this: Your energy field is much bigger than you are. And it sends out a signal to others, before you even utter a word. When you are positive thisĀ  field is vibrant and large. When you are in a rut your field shrinks considerably – offering you almost no psychic protection from the negative thoughts, emotions and attacks of others.

You can find more information on protections in my new product, Psychic Self Defense.

Matt Furey

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