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November 10th, 2009

Another Hot Vibe Waitress

So I’m having breakfast with a doctor friend last Saturday. And he brings up my email on “Hot Cubans” from last week.

“That was a great one,” he said. “And it’s so true. The other night I was out with a friend and a lady walked in. As soon as she entered the room everyone looked up – even those who had their heads down and were lost in thought. She definitely knew how to put out the HOT energy you wrote about.”

“So you don’t think it was accidental or unconscious?” I asked.

“It could be. But I doubt if this one was unconscious because she had the body language and clothes to compliment the vibe.”

At that moment a waitress came to our table. Blonde hair up front, dark hair underneath. Tall and slender with delightful curves.

And oh, what a SMILE.

Not a business smile. Not a pretend smile. A truly genuine SMILE that radiates from within.

She takes our order and walks away.

“Wow, she has a great INNER SMILE,” Doc says. “I want her to wait on me every time I come to this place. Incredible.”

“Yep, it’s great when you see and feel that, isn’t it?” I said.

“None of the other girls here have a smile like that.”

“You’re right,” I said. “Now take a look at the guy who seated us. The one over there with the arm band on.”

“I see him.”

“His energy is totally scattered. Notice how you feel when he walks past our table.”

The man walked past us a minute later.

“Yuck,” Doc said. “I actually started to feel pissed off when he walked

“Right,” I said. “The guy needs some energy training, don’t you think?”

“Big time.”

“I’d much rather have the lady at our table. You?”

“That’s a no-brainer,” said Doc.

“So just think how many people go to work each day pissed off, scattered, confused and so on. And then they wonder why they don’t get much done.”

“Yep, getting things done is all about energy,” Doc nodded.

“That’s why my seminar in December is going to be so cool,” I said. “Because I’m going to teach how I get into a mega positive energetic state before I create a product, as well as how I do so to keep creating – and what I do at any moment my energy begins to wane.”

“That’s going to be totally kick-butt,” Doc said.

A minute later our food arrived – with another whopper of a SMILE.

Mmm, mmm – sure made the food taste good.

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Matt Furey

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