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January 3rd, 2008

Who is “The Big Self?”

Great email came through the pipeline yesterday.

A man who has read a lot of Zen stuff – but hasn’t really lived it – chided me for being a “self-proclaimed Zen Master.”

I couldn’t help but wonder if the man knows what “self” means.

Moreover, what is the BIG SELF. Or “who” is the Big Self.

And then, is there really any other way to become anything other than through self-proclamation.

Sure, you can wait for someone to knight you or appoint you – but none of the great men or women in history ever waited for such a moment – nor did they care. They recognized who they were and went with it.

Not only that, but anyone who was ever appointed, certified or voted into anything – first and foremost, still had to see himself there first. You don’t land anywhere by accident. You get a vision of what you want. You form a mental picture. Then you put in the time practicing whatever it takes to become that

If you do this long enough – your mental image will become a reality.

Never forget, even the Buddha had to see himself as a Buddha – otherwise – no Buddha.

Anytime anyone ever criticizes or condemns you for being self-proclaimed, self-promoting – or any of those other jealous terms – raise your hands in victory and shout “Hurrah.”

Anyone can be an idiot. Anyone can condemn what he doesn’t know.

Conversely, anyone can discover his big self and turn his life into a masterpiece.

Discovering your BIG SELF is not the same as “finding yourself.”

Those who go on a mission to find the self rarely ever do – and if they do – they find the wrong one. They find the failure, the loser, the stumbler and bumbler.

I teach people to discover a very different kind of self – a BIG SELF; the part of you that knows success, happiness, peace of mind and something more – and can have it at any time. The part of you that believes he can do anything he sets his mind on.

You won’t find this self through study. You’ll only find it through the experience you get from practice. And the desire for practice comes from having the right mental image.

I’ll have more on this in my special report entitled, The Trump Card.

Make sure you send an email and make your request for it.

It’ll be out later this week.

Matthew Furey
BIG SELF Proclaimed Zen Master of the Internet

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