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July 12th, 2011

Where are you?

We’re more than half-way done with 2011. So let me ask you, how much progress have you made toward what you set out to accomplish?

How consistent are you in following a daily routine that will lead you where you want to go?

Are you hit and miss – or hit, hit, hit?

I can tell you right now, based on the Law of Averages and Percentages, at least 95% of the people reading this are NOT on target.

Most are dilly-dallying around.

Most have very little focus.

Most are easily distracted by every whim and caprice.

There’s no will and no imagination being used – even though you have both of these in abundance.

Now for the good news.

The 5% who are focused and taking action, they’re getting more positive results than the other 95% combined.

And the reason is not due to superior knowledge, skill, genetics or ability in a chosen field.

The reason is due to how you use this thing called your BRAIN.

Truth is that people who focus on one thing at a time get superior results to those who are scatter brained. Take a lens off a bad camera and it still takes better photos than a high-end camera with the lens still on.

I’ve watched semi-talented entrepreneurs do well in a less than stellar economy, simply because they focus on a goal and move toward it with passion.

On a regular basis I receive emails from these entrepreneurs. To say “they have a few typos” in their dispatches would be an understatement. Many of their emails are riddled with typos.

But they continue to succeed because they don’t let the typos stop them.

Over the years I can assure you that I’ve had a fair share of typos in my emails – and despite this, many of the top marketers in the world consider me to be the “World’s Greatest Email Copywriter.”

Even if they’re right, I don’t believe in being satisfied with yourself. I don’t believe you are wise to ever think you’ve made it, that you’re successful, that you know enough, that you know a lot – or heaven help you if you think or act as if you know it all.

Never listen to those who brag about all they’ve read, all they supposedly know or how there’s nothing new to them under the sun.

These people are fearful and weak, puffed with false pride and egotism.

Great men and women know they never know enough – that there are secrets on top of secrets on top of secrets.

Great men and women know that anyone who thinks he knows a lot – knows nothing.

The wise man or woman is focused on WHAT he still has to learn. In spite of his wisdom and knowledge, he still possesses a fascination, wonder and inquisitive attitude toward all he sees. Those who are WISE understand the exponential value of learning just one new thing – and how one thing, when properly used, can apply massive leverage to their life.

There is no such thing as a destination called success. Success is a journey from one target to the next. Success is the feeling you experience NOW when you are on that journey.

It begins from within.

If your focus is primarily upon how you’ve failed over and over – or if you focus a great deal on how afraid you are to fail -  then you will continue to do poorly unless you change course with your thinking. You begin by remembering your previous successes. You bottle the energy of these successes within your brain and body and amplify them.

Then you focus on a success experience you want to have NOW or in the future. And let me tell you, when you do what I’ve just explained, your life begins to magically and miraculously change for the better.

All of this is explained in great detail in The Zero Resistance Living System. Begin using it today and you’ll be stunned at all the “coincidences” that begin taking place in your favor.

Keep the following maxims in mind today:

Don’t make excuses – make progress.

Don’t whine – WIN.

Don’t cry – TRY.

Don’t hesitate – ACCELERATE.

Don’t shrink – THINK.

Get yourself into motion. Move.

Do something GREAT to make yourself better.

Get The Zero Resistance Living System today.

Matt Furey

P.S. By the way, I’m going to do a series of 6 bonus teleseminars for all who’ve previously ordered The Zero Resistance Living System – as well as all who get it NOW. Claim your copy NOW.

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