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January 3rd, 2011

Tough Times Never Last

In 1987, when I was starting in business, I read a great book about tough times and how they never last.

‘Twas an important book for me to be reading because I faced a number of serious challenges. And one of those challenges was figuring out how to have enough clients to pay my bills and put food on my table. There were many moments where I sunk so low I began to ponder the unthinkable. Being out on the street. Begging for food. And so on.

Three of the keys that carried me out of the tough times were:

1. Books that taught me how to keep my faith, build my confidence and achieve my goals.

2. Positive mental movies – When I speak of mental movies I don’t only mean visualizing the future. I also mean remembering the positive past. The moments when everything was in flow. Recalling these moments made it easy to believe more were on the way.

3. Gratitude – when you sink to an emotional low, you’re in a perfect position to climb out of it. And the way out is finding anything you can to be grateful for. If you’re down to your last nickel, instead of crying about what you lost or what could have been, you give thanks to the one nickel you have.

To some, the above may appear as if it couldn’t possibly change your circumstances. Yet, if you were to interview a few dozen failures who became successful, I’d bet the majority would agree to having practiced these keys listed above.

Yes, successful people leave footprints. They leave clues. They leave ways for us to move beyond our troubles and become a person we want to be.

In this email I’ve given you 3 ways. But I have 98 more for you in my book and CD program 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. I encourage you to get this program and be amazed at the positive changes it can bring forth in your life.

This program works, regardless of whether or not times are tough. Claim your copy NOW.


Matt Furey

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