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February 8th, 2009

Socialism and Self-Image

I have a number of CDs of Dr. Maxwell Maltz that I have never released. They’re of him speaking LIVE at seminars

At each event he would speak for about an hour – then field questions from the audience.

It was open season, too, in regard to the questions.

People asked him about everything that was weighing heavily on their minds. The environmental crisis, the Soviet Union, Socialism, the communists treatment of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn  Рand so on.

Maltz didn’t have nice things to say about some of the things going on in the world back in the 1970′s – and based on his words and actions, I believe I can accurately predict what he would think about what is going on in our country today.

For example, he was against socialism because of what it did to a person’s, as well as a country’s self-respect. He was not in favor of programs that didn’t teach you how to fish – but instead, simply handed you a fish. He believed the United Nations was expert in the art of double-talk.

Here’s a direct quote from the seminar in which he spoke about the environment:

Psycho-Cybernetics is also the tale of two environments.

Not too far back I spoke with former Secretary of Interior, in Washington, and about 6,000 people in the insurance industry and he spoke about the environmental crisis without. A wonderful, wonderful talk. But tell me, WHAT’s the good of it? What’s MORE important?

Controlling the environmental crisis within. In here.

You must learn to get rid of the garbage of negative feelings, inside here. You must learn to get rid of the violence, the hatred, the bigotry ..¬† inside here. There’s not enough police to police this world. There are not enough U.N.’s with its double-talk to police this world. YOU – must learn to police yourself, to get rid of the environmental crisis inside of you. The pollution, the garbage of hurt feelings and despair.

When? Now. This very minute.”

As bad as so many things were in the 1960′s-1970;s – and as bad as many things are right NOW – Maltz always stressed two things:

1. Negative situations, stressful times, personal hurts and sorrows were there for you to stand up, to rise up, to ACT… and in so doing, tap into the BIG SELF lying dormant within.

2. Even if you don’t like what is going on outside of you – it shrinks in comparison to what is going on within you. He always said that the ‘inner world’ was more important than the outer world, that success is an inside job.

The benefits of Psycho-Cybernetics and the much more advanced Zero Resistance Living System are many – and they will always be just as applicable tomorrow as they are today… and were years ago.

At the present I’m considering releasing the complete audio from Maltz’ LIVE seminar to member of the Psycho-Cyb Family – aka the Super Human Success Group.

If you’re not already part of the Psycho-Cybernetics ‘family’ – then make sure you order the world famous Zero Resistance Living System right away.

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Matt Furey

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