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May 30th, 2009

How I Define Success

The other day a man wrote to tell me that he thinksĀ  I equate having lots of money as being successful.

This assumption is an easy one to make. After all, I do have a book out entitled 101 Ways to Magnetize Money and I have conducted a number of seminars on Internet marketing.

Yet, those who’ve read my book and have attended my events, quickly find out that my approach to success is not all about riches, cars, homes, houses and so on.

Sure, having all of the above is great fun – but even more important is the mindset that helps you bring them into your life.

I’ve shocked the living stuffings out of attendees by telling them that money and riches don’t bring happiness. Neither do they bring unhappiness.

Money doesn’t make you happy or unhappy. It doesn’t make you a good person or a bad one. It doesn’t make you successful or unsuccessful.

All money does is move from person to person, or sit around taking up space.

That’s it. All of it.

Anyone who is happy to finally hit it big in business was happy before they hit it big.

The trinkets and toys simply make it easier to amplify your current emotional state. If you were happy before you made a ton of dough, you’ll be happy afterward.

And if you were a miserable slug before making your fortune, you’ll still be miserable afterward.

This is why I teach people to cultivate the inner qualities you want NOW. Grab peace of mind now. Grab happiness now.

Success is nothing but having a goal that you picture and draw energy from. It is NOT the achievement of the goal.

Let me say that again. Success is nothing but having a goal that you picture and draw energy from.

What kind of energy?

Success energy.

Yes, long before you ever succeed at anything, you picture and feel what it would be like to succeed – and when you do this, you draw energy from the mental picture you manufactured in your mind. This mental picture makes you feel successful in the present, long before your goal becomes a reality.

Over the last couple days I finished a book that will be released sometime later this year.

When I was editing the book I was totally absorbed in the moment. Hours flew by in a heartbeat. I was having a great time.

Upon finishing the project I was excited. I was pumped. I got a charge out of crossing the finish line. At the same time, I know this feeling won’t last long unless I set another goal and draw energy from it to use today, this very moment.

So today I began drawing energy from the next project. And I’m very excited about it. Just thinking about it makes me feel alive, happy and excited. Yet, I’m not even close to finished yet.

In Psycho-Cybernetics you learn to draw energy from previous successes. You also learn to use that energy toward a brighter future. So the truth is you’re absorbing energy from the past as well as the future – and the process of doing this makes you successful long before you hit the target.

Unsuccessful people are those who cannot appreciate their past and have nothing to look forward to in the future.

Successful people are those who appreciate their past as well as who they are now. Successful people are those who can find a way to win, a way to be happy, no matter what. Even when they fail, they find a way to turn their letdown into a source of fuel and inspiration.

That’s what you’ll learn to do as well when you apply the principles and laws in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Matt Furey

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