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January 31st, 2013

Effective Motivation

17 years ago I wrote about motivation versus focus. If you have this book you’re a member of a VERY small group of people. I put it to bed for a number of reasons – one of which was that I felt the title turned people off.

Twas titled, How to Achieve What You Want Without Positive Thinking.

When I told people the title, I got a lot of laughs. As well as a few arguments.

One person, who hadn’t read one word of the book, got upset and told me that positive thinking was the key to success, that you had to have goals, and so on.

I told him that the book had plenty of “positive” information on goals. This went in one ear and out his rear end.

He didn’t want to hear what I had to say. He just argued and argued.

So I gave up trying to talk sense into him.

If I were writing this same book today, there’d be a number of changes. I’d present some aspects of the book in a much more palatable way – but the essence is still pretty much in line with how I think today.

Here are some examples:

• Rah, rah, rah motivation does not improve performance, for the most part.

• Positive thinking is ineffective in the way it is delivered – especially in the work force and with young children.

•There’s a monumental difference between being FOCUSED and being MOTIVATED. And FOCUS trumps motivation so often they might as well not even play anymore.

• There is a place for motivation – but without focus – it doesn’t work.

• There is a place for positive thinking – but without focus – you won’t get anywhere.

• People are far better off looking at where they are and comparing it to where they want to go, than they are ONLY looking at where they want to go.

• You cannot drive anywhere in this world without knowing where you are in relation to where you want to go.

• If you refuse to acknowledge “where you are” you have no power to change.

• Most positive thinking advocates cannot handle the truth. They’re not athletes. They’ve never gotten up to read their own box scores in the paper – along with the rest of the city, community or country.

• Real players are forced to “read the box scores” even when they aren’t positive. And this reality check either makes them improve – or they quit the game.

• He who can “read the box scores” and stay focused on the goal he’s set for himself is the person I’m betting on.

• He who reads the “positive box scores” and gloats about how great he is, is NOT building his self-esteem. He’s setting himself up for a beating.

• You’re far better off remaining neutral and staying focused when times are good or bad – as everything is subject to the whims of change without a moment’s notice.

• Take pride in your accomplishments. Relive them in your imagination and quietly go about your business creating more of them. No rah-rah sis-koom-bah is required when you’re focused.

• Be like Mark Twain’s character who had “the quiet confidence of a Christian with four aces.”

• Or, as another saying goes, “Speak softly but carry a big stick.”

Well, that pretty much covers much of the book. You now have the Cliff Notes.

At the same time, if you really want to know HOW to FOCUS like a laser and create one success after another in any area of life you choose…

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Jump on this NOW
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Matt Furey

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