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January 30th, 2009

Confessions of a Dumb Jock

“Stick with exercise.”

That’s the message I’ve heard over and over – since I began writing emails and articles online, way back in 1996.


In the beginning, the message was, “Stick with wrestling and martial arts.”

Earlier today one of my friends at Facebook told me to “stick with exercise.”

I refused. He protested further. I refused. He got even more upset. I refused. Finally, he relented.

And we’re still friends.

Since 1996 I have written on many, many topics. And anyone who has ever gone to one of my LIVE events knows that you’re in for FAR more than what was advertised – on a wide array of subjects.

One of my favorite authors, Mark Twain, wrote a biography entitled, Joan of Arc. Word is that Joan of Arc is the book he’s MOST proud of writing.

Although much of what Twain wrote fit into the “novel” category – he also wrote and spoke on many other topics.

Many people didn’t like this. They wanted to pigeon-hole him, to label him, to categorize him as being “one” thing.

Twain resisted. He broke the mold and tossed it away.

I keep Twain’s story in mind whenever I want to venture into NEW territory. I keep it in mind whenever someone wants to slot me into the “dumb jock” category.

As a teenager, whenever I got called “dumb jock” – I hated it. I wanted to kick butt on the spot.

Today, I simply smile and keep moving.

Soren Kierkegaard – who, like the insidious Karl Marx, shares the same birthday with me, once wrote, “Once you label me, you negate me.”

This is precisely what people want to do when they begin name calling. Negate and/or destroy.

In modern day America, for example, if you don’t agree with the current president, there are some who will call you a racist, or a hate monger – or best of all, unpatriotic.

When Mao began the Cultural Revolution in China, wherein children were allowed to berate and beat adults – to destroy homes, temples, museums, libraries and so on – anyone who had an inkling of interest in western culture was labeled as Bourgeoisie. And you were tortured for the belief the kids had about you. On a personal level, there are people around you right now who’ve labeled you in some way. And they want you to, for┬átheir own sake, stick with the ONE label they’ve tagged upon you.

Ignore these labels with every fiber of your being.

Don’t bother getting upset. That’s a waste of time and energy. Just let the person know that you’ll be who you please to be. Let the person know he or she does not have the right to cast a spell upon you and make you into the image he has of you.

Yes, we cast spells each day with the words we use. We also send forth blessings. And we do the same to the ‘self’ residing within.

Don’t label yourself with restrictive terminology. Keep the doors open wide.

Venture into new arenas.

Try something new.

Channel the confidence you have in one familiar area of success and put it into the area where you need more encouragement.

Be a “no limits” human being.

Toss aside the fear others have about you. Cast their dark shadows of despair into the abyss, where they belong.

WALK valiantly and without trepidation toward the things in life that matter most to you.

Matt Furey

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