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April 13th, 2009

How to Find the Love of Your Life

In 1993 I visited China for the first time.

My purpose for going, however, was not simply to visit. It was to meet and marry the woman of my dreams.

Here’s what happened that led to my journey:

In 1992, after I ended a relationship that wasn’t working – I sat in a chair and asked myself what I really, really wanted in a relationship. I also asked myself, without limitation, who I wanted to be with.

To my surprise the answers that came forth were that I wanted to meet and marry a Chinese lady.

Initially, this idea made perfect sense. After all, I practiced kung fu, tai chi and chi kung. I frequently dined in Chinese restaurants and was fascinated by the culture.

Being I lived in the Bay Area of California at the time, which has a huge Chinese population, I figured that finding my future wife would NOT require overseas travel. Yet, within three months of making the decision to attract the very person I had in mind – I was corresponding with a 24-year old girl from a rural area in China.

I was totally intrigued even though she wrote me in Chinese and I wrote back in English, and both of us needed our respective letters translated.

I was hooked even though neither of us could speak the language of the other.

No problem, I thought. I’ll learn the language. And off I went to begin learning a language I had no business learning.

It was difficult.

At times I would get so frustrated I’d feel like a young child ready to burst into tears. But I beilieved if I continued to persevere I would learn the language and I would be able to communicate when I visited China.

Despite all rational thought to the contrary, as well as all pleadings from family and friends NOT to proceed, I boarded a jet in September of 1993 and landed 13 hours and 10 minutes later in Hong Kong.

A few days later I would enter the Peoples’ Republic of China.

I was 30 at the time. And for the most part, despite many great ideas and a promising future, I wasn’t getting anywhere. My business was floundering; I was always living on the edge. I always had trouble paying bills. Was usually late for rent – and was always in debt.

And to top it off, after seeing a photo of a young lady living 8,000 miles away, I wanted to make things harder on myself, by finding money to travel there, learn the language, take time off work – and so on.

All I know is that somewhere deep in my gut – I saw this voyage as destiny. So I followed the internal signal that told me that this lady was the one for me.

Along the way I had plenty of support that seemed to materialize from out of nowhere.

When I received the first letter from China, I walked into a local Chinese restaurant and asked if there was anyone who could help me translate it.

As fate would appear to have it, I found a 73-year old Chinese man, Mr. Pan, not only translate this letter for me, but everyone other one thereafter. He and his daughter and son-in-law met with me regularly to advise me on how I should proceed.

And when it was time to go to China, it was this 73-year old man who accompanied me to make sure I knew where to go and what to do.

How did I get the money for the trip? That’s an interesting fact in and of itself.

Before making the decision to learn Chinese and go to China, my gym business was suffering. After making the decision, clients showed up from out of the blue. Within a couple weeks my gym was packed and I had a waiting list. And this was with no additional marketing or advertising.

As you’ll learn in Zero Resistance Living, once I made the decision to move forward, everything I needed came to me. Once I removed the resistance – once the pressure lifted, much of the process was effortless. Even the learning of Chinese, although difficult at first, got ultimately easier when I realized I was on the right path.

Much of what I needed came so quickly and mysteriously, I felt like a living breathing magnet. All bills were paid on time. Many were paid in advance.

What a turnaround.

What a change.

Today, I’m proud of all the things Zhannie and I have accomplished together. We have so much to be thankful for.

The list goes on and on.

Most importantly, though, I’m proud of the fact that both of us know the life-changing power a decision holds.

If I hadn’t made the decision I made back in August of 1992, I would not have attracted Zhannie into my life. And if she hadn’t made the same decision a few months before me, she wouldn’t have attracted me. And so on.

One decision can and will change your life.

Success begins with a decision.

Once you’ve made one – by law, you will pull the people, resources and knowledge into your life that will make your goals and dreams a reality.

That’s how it works. There is no other way.

In closing, let me relay the final message Zhannie’s Uncle wrote to me before I boarded the plane for China:

“Matt, you say you have made the decision. If this is true I am very happy. You will be proof of the Chinese saying, ‘When two people love each other, though they may be thousands of miles apart, they can be pulled together by a single thread.’”

What is this single thread?

It’s a thought reaching out and finding someone else of like mind. And when both people keep hold of the thread, they must be pulled together – regardless of the distance.

Matt Furey

P.S. Making the decision to use the Zero Resistance Living program will definitely put you on the fast track to success.

I urge you to learn what has helped me and so many others.

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