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September 9th, 2008

Your Greed Glands

You’d be amazed how many people limit themselves financially out of fear of being “too greedy.” The message received in childhood was simple: You don’t need anything more than the basics and so long as those are covered, that’s enough.

Sorry Ed, that’s not how it works.

Having enough to cover the basics means you are barely surviving. Oddly enough, those whose goal in life is to get by – barely and rarely do so.

You live in an abundant Universe, my friend. You are free to inhale and exhale as much air as you’d like – and if you take in more than anyone else, who would dare call you greedy.

Same goes with knowledge. If you have a favorite subject that you study more than almost anyone, is your quest for knowledge greed.

And what about martial arts or sports. No one ever called me greedy because I don’t want to stop learning about the
subject I’ve already won a world championship in.

No one can truly state what is and what isn’t greed in your situation, especially if they don’t know your goals.

There’s a Zen story that illustrates this truth:

There once lived a Zen master who was an incredible artist. Yet, he charged very high prices for his work – much more than anyone else. Many said he was greedy. He ignored such statements, continued to do his work while charging premium prices.

One day a geisha asked him to do a painting and said she would pay whatever price he asked. When he finished she paid the fee while disapproving of the job – yet hired him to do another.

He obliged – but charged even more to do the second job. When finished she nodded that it was good and paid him his fee.

For years people said he was greedy – but then, later in life when they found out he had saved the majority of the money to rebuild a city that was destroyed by a flood – their opinion changed.

Suppose you have goals to put your children through college, to travel the world, to study subjects of interest, to build schools, libraries, churches, hospitals and so on. Who then, can rightfully proclaim that you’ve been greedy when your goals are unknown.

Is there such a thing as greedy. Sure, there is. In my book you’re greedy when you have no interest in your fellow man – only in yourself. You hoard anything and everything for yourself. To me greed has nothing to do with how much you have; it has everything to do with your mindset.

Being afraid of greed when you’re not wealthy is like being afraid of scorpions when you don’t live in the desert. It’s like fearing gluttony when you’re starving; it’s like fearing lust when you have no partners.

In today’s society, making a mill-ion dollars a year is far from greed. Same goes for making multiple mill-ions per year. And based on the philanthropy of so many of this nation’s billionaires – can we even call them greedy.

I believe God gave us an abundant Universe to see how much we’re willing to ask for. Most ask for little… and receive less.

The wise man asks for what will help him achieve his personal and professional goals. The wise man realizes that it’s not the amount of money that matters – what matters is the self-image and character you must establish in order to become the person who is both comfortable and deserving of that amount.

Want the text-book that teaches you how to transform your self-image about money and the good it can bring into your life, then go here and order NOW.

Matt Furey

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