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April 19th, 2012

Worst Investment You Can Make

Here’s something I learned years ago from Ted Nicholas, a man whose sold over $7 Billion dollars worth of goods; a man who was $96,000.00 in debt at one time; a man who lives in three countries during the year – with spectacular views of mountains and the ocean at each residence.

He told me, “A brand new car is the single worst investment you’ll ever make in your life.”

I didn’t like hearing this the first time I heard Ted say this. After all, the car I was driving was NEW. And so, even though I lost money on the “investment” before the ink had even dried, even though I’d lost money before driving off the dealer’s lot, I had to justify my decision somehow.

This was easy to do when talking to my accountant. He told me that because I got a “lease” I was saving money on taxes.

Yeah, right.

Pay a fortune in interest. Don’t own what you’re driving – but save money on taxes.

That’s “logic” and premature e-gratification – when you’re blowing your load too soon – and in this case, you may be blowing your load before you even have one.

Truth: You don’t need a new car or a new car payment.

That’s no way to get out of debt. There’s a much better way to get around; a much better way to eliminate debt and enjoy peace of mind.

Imagine, no bills, no debt and no worries about how you’re going to make ends meet.

This includes no mortgage payments, no car payments, no rental fees, no leasing fees. Nothing.

Also imagine, if you can, having a home here and abroad – both of them fully owned by you.

The idea was nearly inconceivable to me years ago, but Ted knows it better than anyone – and lives it.

Maybe having a home in more than one country doesn’t appeal to you. But being debt-free, FOREVER – if that has no appeal to you, then you must not have a pulse.

THINK, my friend. THINK.

And LIVE Debt-Free, Forever.

It’s a lot easier than you’ve been told.. Discover how today by going to here.


Matt Furey


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