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October 2nd, 2008

Who’s Hanging in Your Home?

Leonardo da Vinci and Walt Disney had something in common. They knew that the human mind thinks in pictures. So they hung their goals and/or pictures of projects they were working on in their environment.

Both of these men had pretty impressive levels of success, don’t you think.

Yet, what you put on your walls is NOT limited to pictures of goals you’d like to achieve or projects you are working on.

In 101 Ways to Magnetize M-oney, I give several ways to increase the flow of positive power in your environment; several ways to draw what you want to you – even when you’re not consciously thinking about it.

You may not have thought about this before, but to live a successful life you want to surround yourself with success at every turn. No matter what room you go into, you have something that activates and triggers greater health, wealth and happiness.

Part of the magic lies in photos and images – but there are many other incredible tools that will change the way you feel and vibrate in an instant.

After you’ve made the changes I recommend, when others enter your home or office, they will FEEL a profound difference – even though they probably won’t be able to tell you why.

I first discovered this in 1991. I made a number of wealth changes to my personal fitness studio in California – and the next morning, at 5:30 – when a husband/wife team showed – they experienced a shift in awareness as soon as they entered my domain. The lady had her back turned to close the front door – and she could feel the difference. She inhaled deeply and said, “What did you DO. Something is different here.”

Again, she said this when her back was turned – and it was 5:30 a.m.

Wouldn’t you like to know how to make these sort of money magnetizing shifts in your home and office; shifts that go undetected by most; shifts that make visitors feel good – for no explainable reason.

Part of it will be the fact that you have a superior attitude and a great self-image.

The other part will be personal and private.

Find out the right moves to make in your environment today by ordering 101 Ways to Magnetize Money.

Go here and order NOW.

Matt Furey

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