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September 28th, 2008

What The News Never Tells You

I’ve been tuning into the idiot box more than usual the last few days – and let me tell you, the media is doing a fabulous job projecting what they want you to believe in.

They want you to believe, without question, that everyone in the U.S. is in a state of panic, worry and dis-ease about the state of the economy.

What they fail to tell you is:

a. A lot of people aren’t in a state of panic because they know where material substance comes from – and it’s not the government

b. While some businesses are closing and others are losing their homes – a lot of other people are prospering
in a big way in this same “horrible” economy

c. A lot of people do poorly – even miserably, during the very BEST economic times. Regardless of the times, you
will always find people who are broke, down on their luck, lazy, unmotivated and so on.

d. It is not the state of the economy that catapults people to “go for it.” It’s the state of YOUR MIND.

How you see yourself and the world and the flow of money has more to do with your level of success than anything else. In every economic climate you will find people going broke and belly up while others prosper. And the times we are in today are no exception.

Let me give you a couple examples:

Kevin, a MasterMind student of mine, made a decision last December that he would do over $1,000,000 in his business this year. Last year he did about 1/4 of that amount.

In April of this year, Kevin’s wife delivered a baby boy. Now, I don’t know about you – but many people associate babies with additional costs, expenses and hardship. I even heard a motivational speaker one time state, “The rich get richer and the poor have children. Lots and lots of children.”

I have a very different view of the matter – and when I spoke with Kevin in April I gave him three magical words about babies and money. Kevin repeated these three words to himself each day while picturing increased prosperity and abundance.

In July Kevin’s income reached the $100,000 mark. But not for the year, my friend. For the month.

In August Kevin hit six figures again.

And on one fine evening this September, he made $100,000 in one day.

Three words – a powerful mental picture – a feeling that oozes from every pore – and guess what – a very different reality than the one being painted on the 24-hour news channels.

Isn’t it funny that in the BEST economic times Kevin never made any money. And now, in some of the worst – he’s creating a fortune.

Kevin is not alone. Another student, Jim, is also going to break $1,000,000 for the first time this year. Like Kevin, in the past his best was far below this figure.

So what gives.

Ever ask yourself WHY some prosper – or even make quantum leaps during the bad times while others fail during the great times. AndĀ  vice versa.

Well, my belief on this matter is as follows: Self image, the picture you have in your mind, is more powerful than the mass economic conditions, it’s more powerful than Wall Street and it’s more powerful than who and how you were raised.

Get a mental picture of what you want – add fuel to it with words and feeling – and watch what happens.

Think of the 24-hour schnews as nothing but a machine that is doing it’s best to paint mental movies and pictures
in your mind. Are you letting them do so – or are you forming your own opinion of how things will go for you – based upon the Creative Force of Your Imagination.

My friend, in order to combat the daily diarrhea coming from the idiot box, as well as the negativity, depression and anger of so many in our world – you must have a series of lessons on prosperity and abundance before you that keepĀ  your mind focused on the most powerful force in the Universe.

In 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, I give you the mental and spiritual tools that allow you to make your financial situation – and everything else in your life – into what YOU DECIDE you want it to be.

Go to here and order NOW.

Perhaps even order extra copies for friends, family and co-workers who are easy prey for the media moguls.


Matt Furey

P.S. Another student, Robert, lost his job a month ago. He lost it two days after attending the event wherein 101 Ways to Magnetize Money was launched. For a couple hours he was distraught. Then he found the good in it and today I’m watching him turn a life of disappointment into a life of WOW. You can be next. Order today.

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