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November 17th, 2008

Time, Life and Energy Vampires

In today’s day and age, I think most everyone nods in agreement when you talk about the ‘reality’ of time vampires – those people who hang around and bleed you of your precious time.

When you finally get rid of the person – how do you usually feel. Perhaps relived yet drained.

Or maybe downright angry or depressed.

Well, consider this: There are a lot more vampires out there than you realize. Some of them want to siphon your time. Others want your energy. And worst of all – some want your life. They want to be YOU more than they want to be themselves.

Now, this may sound far-fetched at first – but think about times in which you went to work filled with pep and left eight hours later feeling like you’d been slit open and drained of all your energy.

Or, even worse, think about a time in which you felt good, then in the course of a ten-minute conversation with someone, you left feeling wiped out.

Or the times you get up in the morning and cannot seem to get into a groove. As soon as you open your eyes you feel out of balance.

And you are.

On one level you’ve been negatively programming yourself with low vibration energy. Yet, on another level, you’d be foolish to think that ALL the thoughts in your mind are YOURS. A good many of them are not YOUR thoughts. They are a collection of “what everyone else” think and expects of you and from you.

It is a rare thing indeed to meet someone who has his own thoughts, someone who doesn’t rely on quotes from others to do his thinking; someone who thinks originally; someone who creates that which he chooses – not what others chose for him.

One of the reasons why it is important for most people to NOT announce their goals and ideas to others is because others who hear your words will usually criticize you or vampire your energy.

Ever have that happen to you. You have a new goal. You’re excited as can be. You announce your goal to your so-called friends. They may even applaud you and congratulate you for having such a splendid idea.

And then – after your announcement – you might as well pack it in. Your enthusiasm is gone. But where’d it go.

If I told you – you might not believe me.

There are many ways that people can and will vampire your energy. Much of the time it is done unconsciously – or semi-consciously. Yet there are those who vampire intentionally and with malicious intent.

Either way you must learn how to protect yourself if you’re ever going to reach one milestone after another.

Think in terms of sports or combat and you’ll understand what I’m saying with greater clarity.

What kind of football team would put 11 men on the field when they had the ball – yet not field a defense when the ther team was on offense. You’d have to work extremely hard to score a single point – but the opposing team would run down the field without breaking a sweat.

If you think the “offense-only” approach to success is the best way – you’d be dead wrong.

What about a military that could fire their arms at the enemy behind a wall – but had no protection whatsoever while the enemy fired back.

You may not think these metaphors reflect reality in the world of self-help – yet they do. And the dangers of not having a sound defense are far greater than having your enthusiasm slurped when you announce your goals and
plans to others.

I will continue to cover more on this in the future. In the interim, make sure you begin to think about having both
an offense and a defense.

Your offense is primarily concerned with scoring the winning goal; reaching the target; following the plan; living with gusto and enthusiasm.

Your defense is primarily concerned with protecting your energy field from being invaded by human as well as energetic forces.

Do not overlook the word ‘energetic forces’ either.

Anyone who has walked into a room with no one in it – yet could sense the negative vibration within, knows at least part of what I’m talking about.

Likewise, if you’ve ever walked into a space and immediately felt comforted by the energy of the place – you also have an understanding of what I’m beginning to tell you.

One of my great joys is reading the comments from those who are continually reading and listening to my 101 Ways to Magnetize Money book and CD program.

It’s loaded with a cloak of positive energy that will help you vibrate at a higher frequency and pull greater success toward you – provided you do as instructed.

Even so, never get complacent in your practice. Never let a day go by in which you fail to heed my suggestions. If you do, you open your mental garden to weeds, worms, gophers and other annoying pests.

More to follow.

Before I go, two requests:

1. Make sure you forward this email to those who can use it – and recommend that they subscribe.

2. Make sure you get yourself a copy of my 101 Ways to Magnetize Money program.


Matt Furey

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