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July 29th, 2009

The Sneak Preview

Last May I gave members of my MasterMind a sneak preview of the Think and Live Debt-Free program.

Bear in mind that the room was filled with successful entrepreneurs, so I wondered how they would take to a program about “getting out of debt” as opposed to “getting rich.”

Well, here are some of comments sent to me after the viewing:

“Watching Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever was like a private audience with a billionaire. Everyone needs to see this to live free and clear. It will change the way you think–and live.”
Stephen Hultquist

Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever is a brilliant interview between two well-known master marketers who lived the story from debt to wealth. Many of us have lived the 1st part, but not the best part. In clear and simple language, Ted Nicholas offers practical and well-grounded rules that anyone can apply. Ted’s personal plan can heal your financial pain so you can live your own story, from debt to wealth.”
Corinne Bell-Rummel, Ph.D
Knoxville, TN

“More than just living debt-free, Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever opened my eyes to many ways to improve my life and enhance my freedom. Even more important, it contains lessons I need to pass on to my children so they can have long, rich, debt-free lives as well.”
Charles Vollum
Hillsboro, OR

“After watching Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever, I no longer have fear in these scary financial times. Even if I had to start over, I realize I could do it without any money in the bank.”
D. Cardona, M.D.
Cold Spring, KY

Think & Live Debt-Free Forever is the essential guide to survive tough times that no one else is willing to teach you. Simple, practical, proven ideas that will change how you live your life from now on.”
David Gruttadaurio

“What’s it worth to you to have 2 multi-millionaires explain exactly how they went from empty pockets & tons of debt to financial freedom and prosperity? You don’t need complicated formulas when you’re under pressure from debt….You need quick & powerful solutions that work to make you financially free. After you watch Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever, you will have a list of things you can easily get up out of your chair and do right now. Kill your debt & put money in your pocket.”
Charles Runels, M.D.
Fair Hope, AL

“I’ve studied self-improvement for years, but NEVER before have I seen more gems of absolute brilliance put in such simple and attainable ways for everyone to achieve as this. Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever made me want to run–not walk–to implement each and every thing I learned. This program is a ‘must have’ for anybody who has ever dreamed of living a life of financial and emotional freedom.”
Chuck Sproule
Nova Scotia, Canada

“4 Minutes into the Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever  program with Ted Nicholas and Matt Furey, I realized I was inches away from one of the worst investments possible. And so, by the 4 minute mark I’d already gotten thousands of dollars of value. By the end of the DVD, I’d taken 7 ½ pages of notes for actions I can take RIGHT NOW.”
Matthew White
London, United Kingdom

“In these turbulent times, with spiraling debts, an out of control economy and financial uncertainty, Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever is a life-saver for anyone being eaten by debt. With real world advice and proven secrets from a man who’s done it all successfully, this is a must have. Simple, but profound steps to living debt free are revealed in easily accessible, down to earth language so you can start your march to financial freedom, TODAY.”
Bill Stillwell, M.D.
Long Island

Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever is a ‘must have’ product for anyone wanting to get out of debt and create a life of abundance. Where else can you find 2 world class multi-millionaires for a fireside conversation? By applying just ONE of the ideas that Ted Nicholas & Matt Furey discussed, I have quadrupled my income in a very short time.”
Jim M Anderson
Evergreen, CO

Think and Live Debt-Free, Forever lays out in easy-to-follow steps the things you can do to get out of any kind of debt–and stay out of debt forever. Then, it offers steps you can take to start building consistent wealth and financial security for yourself and your family. It is, without a doubt, the best solid advice that I have ever encountered. If I had been taught this when I was starting out in life, I would have had a direct route to debt-free financial security.”
Richard Crane
Kauai, HI

I guess you could say the verdict is in. Order now.

Matt Furey

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