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November 23rd, 2008

The Secret Nobody Will Discuss

Okay, okay, okay. Today it’s time for the blunt end of the swift sword; it’s time for a bit of roughness around the edges. Perhaps even some sarcasm.

Feeling good, in and of itself, will NOT – and I repeat… WILL NOT help you magnetize money.

So take all your Law of Attraction books and toss ‘em – unless, of course, you’re willing to implement another LAW first.

This other LAW is something you don’t see discussed in “The Secret” or other movies, books or programs of this genre. Yet, in my book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, the entire program is laced and threaded and stitched together with this LAW.

In fact, your entire day will become The LAW – if you follow the instructions I outline.

Yes, I cover the importance of capturing that “winning feeling.” Yes, I cover the significance of getting your emotional state right when you go through your day.

Yet, that winning feeling, in and of itself is NOT enough UNLESS you have already laid a deep and solid foundation with… something more.

In 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, I tell you what this “something more” is.

Hint: Every single person who starred in The Secret had this something more. Straight down the line. Whether man or woman – each and every person did FAR MORE than feel good to attract greater riches.

Now, to make myself even clearer – I am NOT saying that how you think and feel has nothing to do with magnetizing m-oney. I believe it most certainly does. I will go on record stating that 90% or more of the success process is MENTAL.

Even so, the mental must be combined with “something more” – otherwise nothing much will happen.

There’s an old saying, “You cannot fish without bait.”

This is both true and false.

When you go fishing you can use a lure, a night crawler or a minnow.

That’s bait, right.

But you can also fish with a net, a harpoon, a trap – and in some cases, your bare hands.

And if you’re an Alaskan grizzly all you need is your nose, eyes and teeth.

In today’s society, you can also snag your fish by ordering one at a supermarket or restaurant.

Whichever method you choose – there will be no fish for you unless you are willing to observe the REAL SECRETS – the REAL LAWS that guide you toward success.

What I am saying here is not mere fluff. It is not something I say because I hope it will make me a ton of dough.

I am recording these words because I have applied the 101 Ways in numerous arenas.

I applied these WAYS on the road to winning a world championship in kung fu – beating the Chinese at their own game after being retired from competition for 11 years.

I applied these WAYS on the way to writing my first martial arts book in 1996, as well as the creation of many other products and services.

I applied it on the road to becoming a best-selling author and Internet entrepreneur who has made many multiples of seven figures per year, long BEFORE writing about how to do it.

I have also applied it with my family and in my personal relationships.

And in each and every case – the 101 Ways WORKED.

Why do these ways work. Because all the mental and spiritual strategies I teach are grounded in “something more.” If you already have this “something more” – then the mental and spiritual laws I teach will guide you to your targets at quantum speed. If you don’t, then you have one more piece of the puzzle to fit into place before you start hitting homeruns.

If you want MORE out of LIFE – then you’ve got to be willing to learn and practice what I teach in 101 Ways to Magnetize Money. If you’re willing to put the pieces of the puzzle together, your life will take on an effortless glow.

Find out what the pieces are TO-DAY by taking a test-drive thru 101 Ways to Magnetize Money

Matt Furey

P.S. Many readers of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money were so thrilled that they bought 20, 30, 50 – even 100 copies of it. What anĀ  endorsement. Thank you very much.

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