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September 30th, 2008


There is a Law operating in the Universe that nobody talks about. I cover it in my book, 101 Ways to Magnetize Money – and those who are using it are reaping major rewards.

I began speaking about this Law a long time ago – and no one is quick to follow my lead – mostly because it tells the truth.

Simply stated: You can believe in the Law of Attraction all you want – but it will not and cannot work UNLESS you follow the LAW I wrote about.

No, the Law is not hard work. Nor is it emotion, belief, feeling, allowing, visualizing and so on.

All of the above are important – yet, once again, without the REAL SECRET – without the REAL LAW – nothing much in your life is going to change for the better.

One of my students found this out recently. Prior to the release of 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, he told me he didn’t believe visualizing worked. He said that he had tried it and he got far better results just taking action.

Upon further questioning I led this man to discover that he could NOT take action of any sort without visualizing doing so first.

But… and this is the key, I told him there was still another LAW for him to learn that was more important than the Law of Attraction.

I said, “With this LAW, you canĀ  become great. Without it, you will always be doomed to frustration, mediocrity and failure. Without it you will always believe that visualizing doesn’t work – that it’s another con sold by self-help gurus.”

He took my advice. One month later he was a changed man.

Here are some of the changes he went through: First, he wrote a book within seven days. Second, he increased his income. Third, and by far the most important to his overall well-being, he completely changed how he relates to other people. He’s open, friendly and happy. Previously he was closed, unfriendly and gloomy.

What a turnaround. And not simply because he learned the LAW I wrote about. The turnaround happened because he USED the LAW.

My friend, you owe it to yourself to put this LAW to use in your own life as well. No matter how good, great or rough things are for you right now – you can improve if you use the REAL SECRET each and every day.

Order 101 Ways to Magnetize Money NOW.

Matt Furey

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